Sreesanth takes on Australia!

Sreesanth takes on Australia” screams the news headlines from The Age. The article implied that Sreesanth was bit of a nuisance to start with; he then crossed the line, was clearly stupid in doing so and is now apparently, Australia’s ‘most wanted’.

Australia has a great sporting tradition but unfortunately its sports media can be irritatingly biased and jingoistic. As Mohan indicated in his post on the 2nd ODI at Kochi, there is no mention of the Clarke episode or the annoying Hogg or the bullying Symonds. A clear case of the ‘Pot calling….’.

I agree with Mohan about being aggressive, having a positive body language and letting the opposition know you are no push over. But this ‘trash talk’ is something else. Good bowlers don’t need the trash talk or constant chatting. They think about how the batsman’s feet moved, how he is handling the swing, bounce or movement; and where as a bowler he needs to put the next ball. Its about THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE – ball after ball, over after over. If you think about it, there isn’t much time for between-ball ‘aggro’ if you concentrate on T-P-E. Aggression in bowling is different to aggression between bowling and the former is what Sreesanth needs to concentrate.


4 responses to “Sreesanth takes on Australia!

  1. Exactly.
    Sreesanth is getting carried away with all these australian foolish talks in press conferences.

    Aggression is a part of the bowler’s plan to break batsman contentration but if applied in uncontrolled way( like what sri is doing right now) it can backfire you. That’s exactly what is happening here.

    I wonder what Vanky is doing out there??? Is he ran out of advice???

  2. I am really surprised by Alex Brown’s piece in The Age. The piece is accurate in that it portrays Sreesanth as a demon in Australian eyes. But by stopping there and not calling on the antics of its own players was nothing short of one-eyed deceit.

    Well, I have no problems with a “demon” label on Sreesanth. Perhaps Sreesanth should count that as “acceptance” by Aussies.

    My theory is that the Aussie press either hates the on-field carry-ons of the Australian players or they must think that these carry-ons are the sole-privilege that comes along with the delivery of a baggy-green and an Aussie passport! Because over the years they have really got stuck into any player that jumps up and down and carries on in a manner that comes even close to the antics that their own players carry out! Down the years, they have got stuck into players like Ranatunga, Ganguly, Nel and (now) Sreesanth — players that played the “Aussie way” — Play hard on the field and make friends over a drink off it.

    The report is horribly one-eyed though. Alex Brown puts Malcolm Conn and Robert Craddock to shame — and here I was thinking that the benchmarks set by those two gits was impossible to surpass!

    Not sure Sreesanth needs any more advice really. Sometimes we can over-advice quite easily. He needs to figure things out for himself.

    — Mohan

  3. Mohan,

    Another Indian Journalist to satisfy your voracious appetite on the critics of Sreesanth irrespective of where they live!!!—Nirmal Shekar in today’s The Hindu (I have always wondered how this newspaper retained its name in a so called secular state for so long!!!!) She–I think, from the first name–is unhappy at Sree’s behaviour on the very day of Gandhi Jayanti!!!!!

  4. Sure Sam, and that’s what I’d called unbiased reporting. Hooray! I can also point you to Joseph Hoover’s article in The Times of India where he asks for Sreesanth to curb his on-field antics.

    I can point you to many more if your appetite is as good as mine! 🙂

    But when have you read an article in the Aussie press asking for Symonds’ antics to be curbed. The fella carries on all the time like he is one sandwich short of a picnic that he wasn’t sure he was invited to!

    And that’s the point. Aussies cannot seem to have the stomach for an on-field fight that they are so good at. Examples: Ranatunga, Ganguly, Nel, Sreesanth.

    Tait wants Sreesanth to show respect? What the gluck for? Just get over it.

    Once you show lip, expect the gloss to wear off.

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