Excellent and balanced article…

An excellent article on the sledging wars currently on between Australia and India is by Dileep Premachandran. While Alex Brown’s article in The Age was palpably one-eyed, I haven’t read anything in the Indian media where Sreesanth hasn’t been blamed as an instigator — an instigator-in-chief too perhaps.

But this article on Cricinfo by Dileep Premachandran is by far the most balanced that I have read so far.

— Mohan


2 responses to “Excellent and balanced article…

  1. Yes. He also makes some astute observations!

  2. Agreed Paddy. The only point I disagree with is where he says Sreesanth got away without a fine-ping and was “most fortunate that Chris Broad had one of his more lenient days as match referee.

    Perhaps. But I think the problem that Chris Broad had, I believe, was that if he had pinged Sreesanth that night, he’d have to have pinged 4-5 other “kids” (using Dileep Premachandran’s words from the first paragraph) too — something that he has been loathe to do!

    I do hope both teams behave from here on in though…

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