Harbhajan retorts at ‘vulgar’ Australians

And now Harbhajan Singh, while commenting on his bat-pointing-antics after he got out stumped to Michael Clarke in the Kochi ODI, calls the Australian cricketers “vulgar”. In a telling comment on their game, he said, “They say they play the game in the right spirit, but they don’t in reality. There is nothing gentlemanly about the way they play.

This comment does not come as as surprise to me. It is something most cricket fans know. But I do believe the time has come for Cricket Australia to tear up that “Spirt of Cricket” document that all Australian team players signed up to. I sincerely believe that some words written in a portable loo on toilet paper would have more commitement to it from the players than that “Spirt of Cricket” eyewash!

Harbhajan Singh goes on to say: “I don’t have any problem with chitchat on the field, so long as it is about the game. But when it is very personal and vulgar, that is not on. They think you cannot fight back and they do not like it when you do.

And therein lies Andrew Symonds’ — and perhaps even the Australian teams’ — problem, in my view. Symonds and the Australian cricket team must think that an Australian passport and a baggy-green are the only two possessions that give anyone the automatic right of passage for chit-chat on the field.

In talking about the run-out incident Andrew Symonds, that veritable Zen Master of good behaviour pontificates sanctimoniously from a pedestal placed at 30,000 ft above sea-level, “I didn’t see the need for him to be at Brad [Haddin] like [Sreesanth] was. When I go to another sport I like to see confrontation, I’ll admit that, but you don’t want to see ugly confrontation and you don’t want to see confrontation that degrades your sport.

I saw that interaction and that was not in the least bit ugly as confrontations go. What Brad Hogg did to Gautam Gambhir off the very first over of the Indian innings was ugly — Symonds was at gully! What Matt Hayden said to Harbhajan Singh just a ball before the spinner got out was ugly. Symonds was at point. What Michael Clarke said by way of a send-off to Harbhajan Singh — any lip-reader on probation could make out what was said — was ugly. Symonds laughed and giggled like a 5-year-old who had heard his very first fart-joke!

In my view Symonds and Sreesanth should both check into the same shrink and get their heads cleared. They should take Matt Prior and Andre Nel with them — taking due care to book Matt Prior for an extended buy-one-stint-and-get-five-free-stints period of stay!

The Harbhajan Singh article which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age goes on to say, in the words of the Indian spinner, “Ask any team. They will tell you that when [the Australians] get beaten, they react badly. In this game, you win some and you lose some, but regardless of the result, there is no excuse for their kind of behaviour.

Oh well. If the cricket-contest needed any more chillie and spice, it has just been delivered a generous dose of it.

Shaun Tait has also come out against Sreesanth, asking for some respect towards Andrew Symonds from the young Indian pacer! The usual customary, bland and meaningless threats were made about Sreesanth getting his skull cracked when he visits Australia in the summer! Tait said, “But I think he got a bit carried away with that wicket of Symonds. There’s got to be some respect there.

Hmmmm! Let’s see. Would the same sort of respect that Brad Williams showed to Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar do Tait? Or perhaps Tait prefers to go blind when the Aussies continue to carry-on in ugly way?

I just do not see the need for artificial “lines in the sand” and “respect”. Once you throw a stone in an open-drain and once you determine that that is kosher, for heavens’ sake acquire the maturity to accept the random splash back that comes with it. In other words, if you sledge be mature enough to accept crap in return!


— Mohan

6 responses to “Harbhajan retorts at ‘vulgar’ Australians

  1. Mohan,

    Bhaji talks about “Vulgar”–reminded of the time when the Manager of Pakistan remarked once–we have more graduates in our team than Aussies–Max Walker was the only one —with degree in Architecture.

    Home teams as well away teams need to take lessons in cultural differences–and that would certainly cut down some of this misunderstood intent.

    In Tamil Nadu, the first word you hear is the equivalent of son of a mother F—in Kannada, the word often used is son of a bitch or a bad prostitute or pound the backside–same as in Hindi. In the north they go further –calling saalah!!!!–you know the meaning in relation to one’s sister –however, it is often taken and accepted as an innocuous remark!!!

    In this context, Anglosaxons around the world use same words or connotations but in English–suddenly in the ears of Bhajis, these phrases becomes VULGAR!! He needs to make up his mind whether he wants to play and get money while listening to this or go and play marbles, no money , yet hear the words in the strrets of Chandigarh!!!

  2. Ya, correct. Enough of the whine, man, Bhajji. If you feel you need to give some lip, do so by all means. Just go out there and flummox some Aussies.

  3. I’m not sure what your point is Sam. Harbhajan’s first point was that Aussies are sore losers. This is well known and ought to be accepted. His second point was that while the Aussies dish it out in spades, they do not receive it. Examples abound. Again, this is well kown and ought to be accepted. And his third point is that while he accepts chit-chat — comes with the territory — there is no need to get personal and vulgar. My own personal view on that is that there is no point in whinging once you decide to throw a stone in (or indeed jump into) the gutter. All bets are off.

    What does money and marbles have to do with all of this?

  4. Well put, Sampath. Once you get into sledging, you are out of the fold and rules (imagined or otherwise) just dont apply

  5. ya, you stoopid, arrogant, indian morons who uses language like bahin-chod or mother-chod everyday — just go to hell with your bullshit Indian cricket team.

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