Ponting indicates India ‘faked’ the Wold Cup T20 victory!

Ponting came out with a statement yesterday that since India can change the way they play a game in the space of 2 games, they were ‘faking’. Yeah right Mr Ponting! India win a game and then lose a game so which is the fake? The win or the loss? Now if India were to win the next ODI then they have ‘changed’ the way they played after losing the first two games. So which is ‘faking’? Winning or Losing? Since India lost to New Zealand and then defeated Australia before going on to win the World T20 Cup they changed the way the played in the space of 2 games. So in essence according to Ponting India ‘faked’ the World Cup victory. Or if not then did Australia ‘fake’ their WC victory because they changed the way they played in the space of 2 WCs, winning one and losing the other!

Ponting was also happy with Australia for the way they played the 3rd ODI and was happy a match referee had congratulated them for that. Point to note is that the match referee did not do it for the previous games. So obviously the Aussies ‘faked’ their behavior in the 3rd ODI to win  praise from the match referee, because according to Mr Ponting, you ‘fake’ if you change the way you play in 2 games.

— Sanjay

4 responses to “Ponting indicates India ‘faked’ the Wold Cup T20 victory!

  1. Sometimes I wonder, why Australians think that everybody else are fools.
    Infact, they make fool of themselves by their own comments every now and then.

    Pointing “fake” words are not different either. Just pretending like a clown.

  2. Sanjay, I have been looking at various sites for the source of this comment by Ponting. Could you point me to the source please? Thanks.


  3. Ponting was referring to the Indians’ fake agreession:

    “If the Indians can play the sort of cricket they did play for the first couple of games and then completely turn around and go the other way in the other games, it showed us how fake, if you like, the first part of the series was as far as they’re concerned.” http://www.smh.com.au/news/cricket/ponting-baits-dhoni-over-comments/2007/10/07/1191695739833.html

    also see http://inhome.rediff.com/cricket/2007/oct/08pont.htm

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