Peter Lalor and Charu Sharma head-to-head on racism…

Interesting read of a transcript of a program called Face The Nation on CNN-IBN, conducted by Vidya Shankar Aiyar. This has Charu Sharma and Peter Lalor, our friend from The Australian newspaper facing off on the racism issue.

— Mohan

4 responses to “Peter Lalor and Charu Sharma head-to-head on racism…

  1. Here is one more on a related topic from an unexpected source .”India raises hackles of Aussies”

  2. This one is very interesting
    Gillespie says ” grin and bear it”. With all those high altar preaching from Ponting, is he going to work on aussies “Murali intolerance” or is he going to work on Murali’s “aussie abuse (including the PM’s) tolerance”. The reaction of Peter Lalor druing the Srilankan tour should prove whether he is genuine or just a sensationalist.

  3. For god’s sake … it’s understandable that Indians would be sensitive and somewhat miffed to be accused of racism by a group of people well versed in it like Australians are, but I fail to see how I came to be your whipping boy on the subject. I love India, I hate racism and I particularly hate the way the BCCI tried to dismiss it when it is part of a code it helped develop.

  4. Dear Peter

    I appreciate the fact that you took the time to visit our blog and comment on it.

    If you read our entire blog — and I can only assume you did — you will understand that we have not been overly sensitive to the racism criticism levelled against Indians and the BCCI.

    However, we have questioned the issue of balance and proportion.

    By stating that you have become the “whipping boy” suggests an elemet of defensive behaviour that is not necessary — at least on this blog.

    We, like you, love India, hate racism and hate the way BCCI tried to dismiss it like rabbits caught in the headlights.

    We also dislike the absence of a sense of balance and proportion in the writings of a few Australian journalists. And we will continue to point these out as the summer wears on. Please do travel with us on this journey.

    — Mohan

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