Big Three or Big Two and the third?

We keep reading and writing about the Big Three of Indian cricket. Are all the 3 equally big enough to warrant being clubbed together or is it really the Big Two (SRT & RD) and the third (SG) – Comments invited.

— Sanjay

4 responses to “Big Three or Big Two and the third?

  1. I agree. It is really Big 2 in terms of pure class of batting. Rahul Dravid and Sachin in terms of assurance in batting, or dominating a bowling attack.

    If it is Big 3, it would be Kumble in my view, who has been the staple of India bowling for the past decade.

    Big 4 would be – VVS Laxman.
    The “On-drive” from the off-stump, there is no one to match in the world.

    Big -5 could include Ganguly, IMHO. He has the max number of century partnerships with SRT in one-day matches with his streaky batting. Would you consider, Akash Chopra or Chetan Chauhan as great batsmen, since they were involved with many century partnerships with Sehwag or Gavaskar.

  2. I think it is just Big One(Sachin) and the remaining two.

  3. It is the no different from the “seniors” comment. Sachin is senior to RD and SG by 7 playing years (that is a career for many cricketers).

  4. I think we are splitting hairs here.

    Without a doubt, in their own special ways, Tendulkar (the best player), Dravid (the grittiest player), Kumble (the best bowler), Ganguly (the best captain) and V. V. S. Laxman (the most attractive) have made huge contributions to Indian cricket over the last decade (perhaps even in that order). They are slowly, but surely, going to be leaving the scene over the next 1, 2 or 3 years. There seems to be no succession plan in place — and that ought to be the single biggest worry for Indian cricket.

    My 2.263985555 (recurring) cents 🙂

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