Daily Archives: 25 October 2007

The right way to celebrate…

Duh! This is what Andrew Symonds was referring to when he talked about the Indians’ celebrations on winning the T20 World Championship? He was suggesting that the Indians should have celebrated in such a manner that would have got them into trouble with the local cops. I think he was suggesting that the Indians did not celebrate hard enough perhaps?

Now we get it Symmo…

— Mohan

Rahul Dravid for “player coach” anyone?

As confusion continues to surround India’s coach-search, here is a left-field solution for Team India “coach”.

What do we know?

  • Rahul Dravid is in the last few years of his tenure as Team India player.
  • He is a deep thinker and a student of the game.
  • He is also perhaps a bit unsuer of his team-role after his captaincy relinquishment — and that reflected in his uncharacterestically lackadaisical ODI batting in the series against Australia.
  • The Team India players respect him as a thorough gentleman.

Why not appoint him as “player coach” and even a “coach in waiting” with Venkatesh Prasad (bowling coach) and Robin Singh (fielding coach) as his assistants?

Why him? And why not any of the others in the Big 3 of Big 4 or Big 5 as player-coach?

A couple of reasons spring to mind (although I need to think this through some more).

But before I develop this further, any comments/views on this left-field idea?

— Mohan