Rahul Dravid for “player coach” anyone?

As confusion continues to surround India’s coach-search, here is a left-field solution for Team India “coach”.

What do we know?

  • Rahul Dravid is in the last few years of his tenure as Team India player.
  • He is a deep thinker and a student of the game.
  • He is also perhaps a bit unsuer of his team-role after his captaincy relinquishment — and that reflected in his uncharacterestically lackadaisical ODI batting in the series against Australia.
  • The Team India players respect him as a thorough gentleman.

Why not appoint him as “player coach” and even a “coach in waiting” with Venkatesh Prasad (bowling coach) and Robin Singh (fielding coach) as his assistants?

Why him? And why not any of the others in the Big 3 of Big 4 or Big 5 as player-coach?

A couple of reasons spring to mind (although I need to think this through some more).

But before I develop this further, any comments/views on this left-field idea?

— Mohan

8 responses to “Rahul Dravid for “player coach” anyone?

  1. Mo!

    In my personal opinion, the youthful and completely fearless team that won the T20 and repeated the feat against Australia has ONE dominat strength amongst other strengths. AGGRESSION. We need a coach who would direct the aggression the right way without diluting it. We may need a forceful task master and not a gentle, slightly introverted Dravid.

  2. Dravid SHOULD disqualify himself as a Coach before any offer is made by BCCI— Mohan is NOT THAT influential!!!!. He will have reasons to be biased in favour of some and against some others–he has been part of the problem for so long that team India needs someone who retired at least 10 years ago and was not part of the present team.

  3. How many coaches do we need?One for batting,one for bowling,one for fielding and may be one for each player-Only to lose the series in the end.

    I completely agree with Sriram.

  4. blah..no way he can be influential with this team. Obviously SRT and SG does not gel and respect him enough and I guess most of the youngsters too.

  5. Hmm…interestingly, Before the T20 WC, I was thinking that someone like Ganguly, Kumble or Dravid should accompany the team in a coach/mentor role…

  6. theblackirishman

    I think it is bad enough that these guys hang around after ‘skippering’….I like the aussie approach ..once you have been a skipper , you need to move on so the next guy is not inhibited in any way. Otherwise you end up in ‘no mans ‘ land!

  7. yeah Dravid has been left out. But even Saurav was left out. He made a good comeback. Saurav proved he has got passion to play. he performed ad now he is playing. i guess even dravid as to do the same thing. This a way of testing the seniors if their hunger to play is still left or they are doing just for money.

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