The right way to celebrate…

Duh! This is what Andrew Symonds was referring to when he talked about the Indians’ celebrations on winning the T20 World Championship? He was suggesting that the Indians should have celebrated in such a manner that would have got them into trouble with the local cops. I think he was suggesting that the Indians did not celebrate hard enough perhaps?

Now we get it Symmo…

— Mohan

One response to “The right way to celebrate…

  1. Symmo and the Aussie team has a bagful of ‘novel ways’ to celebrate. Here we go.

    Way 1. Consciouly manage to shove ( they call it a gentle push) the chief guest out of the victory dias. What the hell… the chief guest is not in thier playing 14

    Way 2. This is a very special Symmo way… hit the local pub , drink the day light out of yourself.. and miss the practice the next day…. this way is called ‘ going over the top in celebrating by going to the bottom of your glass of whatever. The MVP award for this being suspended (afterall you can continue your celebrations when others toil it out in the field).

    Way 3. If you have no reason to celebrate pour buckets of water on the spirits of other’s celebration.

    Hold on… he has a long career and he would invent a few more.

    A word to Symmo… limit your sledging to the cricket field during the game. The way a winning team celebrates is ‘THEIR BUSINESS AND NOT YOURS”. If you can add cheer to the winners do it ( I know it is not in your style)

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