Daily Archives: 26 October 2007

Sidhu T20 classical music and chocolate

According to Navjot Sidhu, he of Sidhuism fame, T20 is like chocolate — “bad for health and has to be given in small doses” — Test cricket is like classical music, ODIs are like film music and T20 is like disco and rap.

Sigh! Where has he been all this while?

— Mohan

Challengers 2007: India Blues Vs India Red

In this first match of the series, India Blues won by a whisker. The good performers in the game were Suresh Raina and Joginder Sharma for the Blues. For the Reds, Praveen Kumar bowled and batted well. S. Badrinath, Mohammed Kaif and ‘keeper M. Rawat batted well. However, their efforts were not enough to get them across the line. Gautam Gambhir (run out by Sehwag!), Virender Sehwag (out for 9) and Dinesh Kartik (out first ball to Praveen Kumar) had ordinary days in the office! But it was Suresh Raina’s 92 that helped India Blues reach a respectable total especially after his team was 41 for 4 after Sehwag won the toss and chose to bat (strange decision) on a sticky wicket and with the prospect of dew while bowling/fielding!

— Mohan

Ps: And in a totally unrelated development, and apropos of absolutely nothing, M. S. Dhoni has had a hair cut. It has sent the Indian media into a tizz!

Are we balanced or biased?

It was with much interest that we read Peter Lalor, cricket writer in “The Australian” newspaper, commented on two posts (link1, link2) on our blogsite.

On reading through his comments, we did wonder if we did project a balanced  and objective view on this blog.

We have often disagreed amongst ourselves. This is often a sign of different opinions mixing together to form a tolerance-based balance. if nothing, the checks and balances are there. Given that this is a blog in which anyone who cares to can comment, our views have incited open debates and discussions on a range of topics.

We have, from time to time, praised, for example, the Australian team or the English team or the South African team for their strategy, their cricket, their work ethic, their professionalism, etc.

We have criticised teams (mostly Australia and England) for the way they play their cricket. We have also criticised the press (be it Indian or Australian or English — Mike Atherton). We have illuminated, objected-to and criticised crowd behaviour and player behaviour irrespective of where they come from.

But more than anything we have been very very critical of Indian cricket, the players, their attitude, the BCCI and its board members and most of all – the Indian press.

By definition, we are a blog for “Fans of Indian cricket”. it may be expected that we would be somewhat one-eyed in what we say. But we do try to be balanced and objective.

So, are the views and opinions on this blogsite balanced? 

We think so. We would, however, welcome your opinions on this.