Sidhu T20 classical music and chocolate

According to Navjot Sidhu, he of Sidhuism fame, T20 is like chocolate — “bad for health and has to be given in small doses” — Test cricket is like classical music, ODIs are like film music and T20 is like disco and rap.

Sigh! Where has he been all this while?

— Mohan

3 responses to “Sidhu T20 classical music and chocolate

  1. This guy Sidhu is amazing. I do not know where he comes up with stuff like this. He must have some ghost writers who write jokes for him.

    He was a very average batsman during his days.

  2. My apologies, if this off topic 😉 but I can not open a new topic.

    Here is a nice article by VB Chandrasekar on Indian team future.

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