Daily Archives: 28 October 2007

Spare a thought for Mr. Nice Guy!

At the risk of being silenced forever, I have decided to break my silence. Siddhartha Vaidhyanathan’s well-written article on the topic of Rahul Dravid’s exclusion got me going. The unceremonious dumping of Rahul Dravid, in my opinion, rates as the ugliest and sickest of all decision making by the clowns at BCCI inclusive of the selectors. It seems most certain to me that Dravid has been made a scapegoat, the most dispensable as Vaidhyanathan puts it; after all he is the Mr. Nice Guy in the team. Imagine the hue and cry that would have been caused if say, Ganguly or Tendulkar were dealt with in the same manner.

Agreed, Tendulkar has been in great winning form, and Ganguly has taken care of his own well being by scoring runs independent of the team’s resulting outcome. And Dravid’s average of 8 in the last 10 odd games does not help much in his case. But the number of houses that would be brought to ground, the number of trees destroyed as a result of all the burnt posters, and health care costs associated with sore throats caused by all the screaming, would have meant that Tendulkar and Ganguly be reinstated with no delay. Alas, Dravid does not carry the same clout, or should I say, not appropriately connected to the above and underworld kingmakers. Maybe it has something to do with him being from the South (being Marathi does not help if you are not domiciled in and around Mumbai!).

The jury is still out for me if the seniors need to continue playing the one day version of the game. But as many have wisely said on this blog, we cannot afford to lose the three of them at the same time. They have to phase themselves out overtime, the keyword there is “themselves”. They are intelligent men capable of making responsible and mature decisions. The least that the selectors could have done is to sit down with the three of them, involve them in the decision making, and appropriately plan their departure in a manner that is right for the nation and befitting their contribution. I must have been dreaming, to expect anything closely resembling such an approach is the last thing that one could expect from these bunch of jokers. How can Mr. Vengsarkar get away with a mere, “he has been rested” statement on such a significant decision? I don’t about the readers on this blog, but this has left me fuming!

– Srikanth