India Team announced…an alternative look

The Indian team for the first two ODIs against Pakistan has been announced. In all likelihood, the factors that went in were

  • The personalities (and the egos) of the selectors
  • Horse-trading abilities of the various officials & assorted politicians
  • Cricketing abilities of the players

and probably in that order :).

However, we , as loyal fans of Indian Cricket have done for decades, attempt to force it into a straight jacket of a system with goals & processes. We look for consistency, reasons and logical approaches and get frustrated.

So, looking at it from a twisted perspective, the positives are

  1. The youth policy for ODIs is taken a step forward
  2. A couple of changes to let everyone know that the Challenger trophy is relevant
  3. A brand new all rounder….they must have read Mohan’s posts 🙂

I would have been able to conjure up a few more positives…but I ran out of red wine last night!

Let the brickbats fly!

 — TheBlackIrishman

5 responses to “India Team announced…an alternative look

  1. Paddy

    Can I have some of your red wine please coz’ I haven’t managed to see as many positives as you have. 🙂


  2. Even after looking at it through a twisted, convoluted and upside down position, I am unable to agree with you that this proved the relevance of the Challenger Trophy.

    Badrinath, DK will surely join me to express their views. 🙂

  3. theblackirishman

    True. I was thinking about Kumar….

  4. Not sure what was the hurry to announce the team before the conclusion of the Challenger trophy. The man of the series is not in the side !

    Interestingly, VB Chandrasekar had made the same point in his interview; so deju vu all over again.

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