Why not a foreign selector too?

I started writing this as a comment in response to Mohan’s post about the need to replace Vengsarkar with Kiran More, but ended up making a full fledged post. More had his moments, but IMHO there is no merit in going back to him.

Vengsarkar did start well, but lately has been erratic in his selections and comments. However unhappy we may be with the way the selection committee is performing now, the reality of the matter is that the selectors will not be replaced.

But here is an idea from left field – why not have a foreign chief selector? The idea may sound a bit strange, but is not completely new. Remember that Rodney Marsh was once a selector for England. If we can have an overseas coach, why not have an overseas selector as well. At least,  an overseas selector will not be swayed by regional politics. Why not even bring in Greg Chappell ;)?

The idea may or may not have merit, but the fact of the matter is that we will have to wait till Vengsarkar finishes his term before any change occurs…


12 responses to “Why not a foreign selector too?

  1. This mornings’ post on bringing back Kiran More was less about bringing the man back as much as it was me making a point that the current occupier seems to have lost his clothes!

    Yes I know Kiran More is now with the opposition camp.

    A foreign selector? Makes sense to me I must say! But a bridge too far for the BCCI…

  2. I agree. The current occupier does seem to have lost the plot.

    Was it Jimmy Amarnath who once famously said – “The selectors are a bunch of jokers”?

  3. I suggest we appoint Greg Chappell as the first foreign selector.

  4. Here’s some from further left field, so far left that it is actually right field. How about foreign players on the Indian side?

  5. One of the requirements for a selector is to evaluate the test team – by watching the games analytically the test matches and one-day matches. – not just read scores in Hindu newspaper.

    Second, they should physically be present and watch the entire 3-days of Ranji matches and other tournaments to observe the new emerging local talent.

    Until a few years ago, the selectors were not required to attend Ranji matches. So, selection was based on references by other players. How can that system work. We need full-time paid selectors.

    A – 50 on the scorecard may be more valuable than a 100. Recall the century scored by Agarkar at Lords.

  6. Nice one Ajay Gandhi. 🙂

    We now have a bevy of former players queueing up to take a free-hit at Vengsarkar. Dravid has continued to maintain his silence on this issue…

  7. More too shared Patil’s doubts on the real reason behind Dravid’s decision to relinquish captaincy. “I know him [Dravid] personally. The way he resigned from the captaincy I was very shocked, there is something other to it not just cricket. There is lot of pressure from chairman of selection committee, let me tell you straight on TV that Vengsarkar has put a lot of pressure and that things were not great in England series, ” More told the television channel NDTV.

    Former selector Syed Kirmani also blasted the selectors for the decision. “It is unfair. If this is the benchmark to drop the player of Dravid’s calibre, then it should happen to Sachin [Tendulkar], [Sourav)] Ganguly and rest of the guys also if they fail in three-four innings. The same rule should apply to all of them.”

    Vengaya Sarkar is the target of attack from several players.

  8. This is a rude response from Vengaya Sarkar in his interview to a question about Rahul Dravid.

    Q: Rahul Dravid was a regular in the middle order. Now that he has been dropped, who do you think can take his place?

    Veng: At this stage Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir are the middle-order batsmen, and waiting in the wings are Manoj Tiwari, Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma. So we have a lot of options’

    Gautham Gambhir and Rahul Dravid in the same league ??

    I wish India had done the same to him when he was a test player – explored the other options.

    Vengaya Sarkar was well protected by Gavaskar; the Mumbai Coterie in his early 5- 6 years. He used to score 35; that too an ugly 35 – can not be dropped and was not successful.

    There were several batsmen competing for that No. 3 slot; like TE Srinivasan, but were denied by the Mumbai Mafia.

  9. gnbmdr, it is rude to call him Vengaya Sarkar. I am sure GNB would not like to be called G. N. BallsAreMoneyHmmm. So lose that habit and if you want to be taken seriously, call him Dilip Vengsarkar. The man may be a bad decision maker and may have given you a headache, but his name contortion is disrespectful of him as well as his lineage.

  10. @Ajay Gandhi – LOL. You may be on to something here… 😉

  11. theblackirishman

    @Ajay Gandhi – It is already happening with IPL. NSW is not happy at the prospect of Brett Lee bowling at them for an Indian XI 🙂

  12. I think Robin Singh was a foreign player – born in WI and immigrated to India and played for TN.

    England has had its share of foreign players – KP, and the fast bowler Sajid Mohamed.

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