Breaking News: Indian coach selection meeting indefinitely postponed

Check this out at Cricinfo. The ‘pearls’ from the report are summarised below

  •  This is the second time the coach committee meeting had to be deferred after they failed to convene in Bangalore on September 28 when they were originally schedule to discuss the applications.
  • “Sunil [Gavaskar] is not available on that day and we had to postpone the meeting until further notice,” said Niranjan Shah, secretary of the Indian board.
  • He was also confident that the team would have a coach for the tour to Australia in December. “We should be meeting in the next two weeks and since it’s an important tour there could be a name picked up.”
  • The BCCI is yet to receive any applications that it considers “suitable”. “We’ve received about 20 applications but the committee is not completely happy.” Shah said it was possible the board would wait for more applications.

My only personal take on the above is that India will not get its coach to Australia if we do well against Pakistan!

— Sanjay

7 responses to “Breaking News: Indian coach selection meeting indefinitely postponed

  1. Can Infosys, Wipro, reliance, tata Consulting etc provide–free of cost–teleconference facilities and equipment to BCCI–so that they can consult with SUNIL GAVASKAR from whereever he is–in conducting the meeting to select a coach—it looks like poverty amidst plenty!!!! Indians can send satelite into orbit but can’t arrange teleconferencing!!!!

  2. How long have we been looking for a coach? I think everyone has lost track. Just one word to sum this coach selection fiasco – “pathetic”.

    Wondering whether the applications were sent to the wrong email addresss 😉

  3. no blogesh

    pathetic is very mild word…it has become an international joke…

    Now if you say coach…coach… to any BCCI/Player/Fan (Indian) it is taken as slang…

    Coach : to sleep over an issue till the time it dies down its own death…

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  5. my name is jagan i want join in indian team coach as practise

  6. Why cannot India find suitable coach and why such confusion. As far as I know the job of Indian cricket coach is far better than a Bangaldeshi cricket coach and Indian Board is is one of the most financially sound board around. Even after what happened to Bob woolmer, Pak was able to hire G. Lawson as their coach. Some where between the lines, we can read it as a disinterest on the part of BCCI to share a part of its revenues for the betterment of team or are they convinced that the world has a dearth of competent cricket coaches who is willing to coach Indian team or are they afraid of after what happened to S. Ganguly in the past. Any clarifications?

  7. when is the next team selection for various teams of IPL 2009

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