Ranji player watch – batsmen

The Ranji season is just about to begin, and following on from my earlier post about bowlers to watch out for, here is a list of batsmen I’ve made –

  • S. Badrinath
  • V. Sehwag
  • Akash Chopra
  • R. Uthappa
  • S. Raina
  • Rohit Sharma
  • M. Tiwary
  • Chateshwar Pujara
  • M. Vijay
  • M. Kaif

I’ve restricted the list to just 10 players and some people like Shikar Dhawan have missed out. Of the list of players in this list, S. Badrinath could still get a call up to the Test squad that plays Pakistan. Chopra and Sehwag are other batsmen who would be in the selectors radar. It would be interesting to see how people like Uthappa, Sharma and Raina who have represented India in ODIs fare this season. Uthappa was the top scorer in the Ranji Trophy last season, followed by Tiwary, who had a Bradmanesque average of 99.50. M Vijay who made his debut for TN last season took the third spot last year in terms of run aggregates and he would be hoping to continue his impressive form. Pujara is another batsman who is rated very highly and people expect him to play for India some day. Kaif has led the India A team brilliantly, but he will have to prove his worth in the domestic circuit this year if he has to win back his India cap.


13 responses to “Ranji player watch – batsmen

  1. Mahesh, how many matches these batsmen will be able to play, what with bound with ODI team of India? Kaif, Vijay, Pujara might play all the matches but others might be bound with the national team at some point!

  2. you have left out R Dravid from Karnataka–up and coming batsman, ankles tied with a rope at the crease lately,, out of sorts lately playing against Mumbai today—with Chairman of Selectors watching the game, no doubt.

  3. Dravid is a much, much better and classy batsman than the Chairman of the Selectors. Better technique, scoring average, …. by all measures.

  4. @Chandan – True. But most of them are in contention only for the ODI games – except, maybe Chopra and Badrinath at this stage…

  5. R Dravid? Never heard of him. Is he a good prospect?? 😉

  6. @Sampath, do you ever buy groceries in your house? I suggest you stop that practice and also stop eating food because you could eat so much of your words, you won’t ever be hungry!

  7. 34 off 86 balls, now.

  8. Thanks for the information. One of the joys of the net is that Australians like me can find out what is happening all over the cricket world.

  9. Raghavan,

    Get a sense of humour next time you shop for your family—a Kg of thick hide comes as a gift with a bottle of good humour–just for shoppers like you!

    Every one of us–that icludes R Dravid, whom I have followed from his St Joseph’s college , Bangalore, where I too studied–is as good as the last game played and I was just referring to that. If you want to continue your hero worshipping, we may as well have C Rangachary, MJ Gopalan, PK Belliappa, V V Kumar, AGK< AGM<AGS as well!!!

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  12. please send me score sheets of railways under 22 matches in 2006-07 nd 2007-08 season..pls i’ll b grateful ..thanks pls mail me

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