Bids for maintaining BCCI web site

CricInfo writes that the Indian board has invited bids for creating and maintaining its website. Apparently, the BCCI is the only ICC Full Member yet to have its own web portal. They also used a gmail address while requesting applications for a new coach.

A bit pathetic if you ask me…

But what caught my eye was this

Bids can be made for a non-refundable amount of Rs 5 lakh (US$ 12,725) between November 8 and November 17 after which the board’s marketing sub-committee will examine them.

non-refundable? Hmm…


4 responses to “Bids for maintaining BCCI web site

  1. Two important points to be made Mahesh.

    Much like the coach-search fiasco, the BCCI has already sought proposals earlier for the creation of its web-portal and presence. It received proposals from IBM and Wipro. It has sat on these proposals for nearly a year. Its request for new proposals ignores the proposals it already has. This latest request suggests that it needs proposals from companies of international repute. IBM, Wipro… Naaah! The BCCI needs companies of international repute.

    Meanwhile, the ICL team already has its website. Who designed it? A local corner shop, called IBM!


    But then, as Ravi Shastri says, “There is no need to rush things to get a [web portal]. We need to pick the ideal [implementer]. We just can’t take anybody and make [them] the [developer]. And the team is winning, so why the tension? We’ll wait for the right time and the right [company] for the job.”

    Did I say, “Patheitc” already?

    Oh well… Pathetic!

    — Mohan

  2. why the surprise re non refundable fee

    From time immemorial, the Indian custom to fleece money from job applicants and aspiring students has been the NON REFUNDABLE FEE in the form of money order or postal order or bank cheque. It is said to cover administrative expenses–but in reality, just the icing on the cake for the receiver

  3. Why doesn’t the BCCI buy – i went to the domain and it is for sale!!! There seems to be a POLL with a huge consensus

  4. That would be too logical, Raj.

    Logic and BCCI cannot be used in the same sentance (the sentance I just made is an obvious exception 🙂 )

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