Dhoni, the new Test captain?

Sachin Tendulkar has announced that he is not interested in the Test captaincy, paving the way for M. S. Dhoni to be named captain. That is, if the selectors don’t pull a surprise by naming either Sourav Ganguly or Anil Kumble instead.

Captaining Tests is a lot more difficult than captaining ODIs and Twenty20 matches. Plus India will be touring Australia this year, which is usually a very tough place for new captains…

Well, Good Luck, Dhoni.


6 responses to “Dhoni, the new Test captain?

  1. Kumble would be my choice or VVS Laxman.

  2. Sensible choice by Sachin. He has always given me the impression of a mature head and this proves it just again. Kumble would be a good choice but when does BCCI make good choices?

  3. It is really puzzling why Sachin declined.

    I felt Sachin could take on the “sacrifice/burden” as the captain, esp. when the team is in a transition phase – retirement of Seniors soon. Sachin could have been captain for 2 years and turn it over to Dhoni or who ever it is.

    Dhoni has a good batting record in one-days, but not in test matches.

    Kumble would be the next best in my view. Kumble could retire after Australia tour ? You do not want a captain for 2 series alone.

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  5. theblackirishman

    I am all for ‘moving forward’. Hats off to Sachin for having the guts to step aside. And given that Oz is in a bit of transition right now (See`M Clarke’s appeal), I dnt think this is such a bad time for Dhoni to take over. Especially with the Pak series as a training opportunity!

  6. I feel it is too early for Dhoni to be made the Test Captain. He should be given some more time to groom himself and master the nuances of the Test cricket which is quite different from the ODI or the T20 formats.
    Meanwhile the captaincy can be passed on to Sourav who has loads of experience playing the pakis and the aussies.

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