Will Sachin Tendulkar be dropped now?

When Rahul Dravid resigned as captain of the Indian cricket team, he talked to Sharad Pawar and sent in his resignation letter to the President of the BCCI.

Subsequently, scuttlebutt would have it that one of the reasons for Dilip Vengsarkar not chosing Rahul Dravid in the India One-Day team for the first two ODIs against Pakistan was that the Chief Selector was upset; miffed that Rahul Dravid did not inform him and his selection committee of his intention to resign as captain!

Yesterday, we had Sachin Tendulkar knocking back a Team India Test captaincy offer. He sent his letter to Sharad Pawar, the BCCI President. Following this thread to its logical conclusion, will we now see an angry Colnel — Dilip Vengsarkar — dropping Sachin Tendulkar from an ODI team?

— Mohan


3 responses to “Will Sachin Tendulkar be dropped now?

  1. Sachin could be “rested” in Colnel’s words.

  2. gnbmdr

    Where has Vengsarkar said that? Could you point to a reference please?

  3. Last April, after World cup, everyone was calling for Tendulkar to quit. But Tendulkar does not have this word in his dictionary. He has made a dramatic comeback and now he is back in his old form.

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