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Same ODI Team… No Rotation Policy!

The Indian selectors decided to, once again, dump the rotation policy that they said they wanted to implement — and have been talking about since around April 2007!

It may be that their collective heads were already spinning from the Team India Test-captain-selection mess — their mess — that they were cleaning up. Given this existing revolution-oriented medical condition and disorientation, they probably did not want to think of rotation at all, even though they had suggested just a week earlier that we would see Rahul Dravid back in the team — thereby suggesting the existence of some revolution-oriented operation.

Was that revolution more of a spin and not rotation, perhaps?

Vengsarkar had said then, that Dravid was only “rested“. “We decided to give him a break. He’s a great player and he will be back soon. Fitness and fielding have become very important in the one-day game so he will have to show it playing for his state [Karnataka].

So, much like the rotation-proclamations ahead of the India-Australia ODI series — when the only thing that rotated was the roulette wheel that paid selectors for the mess they were creating — there was no rotation policy this time either.

India has gone with the same team for the next two ODIs against Pakistan (on Nov 11 and Nov 15). The final ODI of this five-match series will be played on Nov 18th.

— Mohan

Anil Kumble to captain India in Tests

As I had indicated in my post yesterday, without any sensible way of extricating themselves from the crazy corner that they had pasted — no plastered — themselves into, the selectors had no choice but to offer the Team India Test captaincy to Anil Kumble.

The appointment, in true BCCI fashion, was only for the series against Pakistan.

Myopia? Naaah! “We are like this only” [shake-head-right, shake-head-left]

A post-appointment interview with Anil Kumble is available here.

— Mohan