Day 3 – Surrendering the advantage

After day 3, the match is still evenly poised. It could be anyone’s game from here and the first session of play on day 4 could tilt the balance either way. Whatever the case, this match is bound to present a result and the losing team will look back at the game and wonder what could have been.

Each team seems to be keen on letting the other team back into the game. In the first innings, India had Pakistan on the ropes at 83-5 on day one, only to let them get back into the game and finish at 231. In India’s first innings, Pakistan had them at 93-5, but then let them claw the way back to finish at 276.

In their second innings, Pakistan started well and at one stage were 114 for the loss of just one wicket, and as it has happened so often in the game, surrendered the advantage to be 161 for 5. It was then India’s chance to let them off the hook again – Misbah-Ul-Haq and Kamran Akmal have added another 51 runs since and it remains to be seen whether there is another twist on the fourth day morning.


3 responses to “Day 3 – Surrendering the advantage

  1. Kumble is simply brilliant. By asking Ganguli to share the second new ball he seems to have solved a big problem for the selectors. Drop Munaf and get in Yuvraj into the team for the second test! Munaf’s attitude has been under question for a long time, further RP and SS are not available.

  2. Can anybody explain pls, why was Dinesh Karthik was preferred to Yuvraj Singh? Decision for him to open for India was a mistake! He would be probably be better down the order.

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