A world of bent elbows and javelin throws

India should consider obtaining the services of Fazal Ansari, triple national javelin champion, to equip themselves to playing a certain fast bowler representing another nation within the sub-continent. Of course, it would be preferable that Mr. Ansari uses a cricket ball as opposed to hurling a pointed spear at the Indian batsmen. I have watched two of the concurrent series (India v Pak and Aus v Sri Lanka) with great interest and cannot but avoid raising this issue of unconventional delivering of the red cherry at batsmen. It not only looks disturbingly ugly but seems unfair to see a tamil speaking sri lankan, a “blonde-wannabe” srilankan, an australian pop star, and now a “spoilt brat” pakistani do everything but demonstrate the beautiful art of bowling.

Their more than just unconventional style of delivery seems to take away the beauty of watching cricket in its purest form, especially, when you get to see some fabulous swing bowling from Zaheer Khan, wonderful leg spin of Danish Kaneria, or almost perfect line and length bowling by Stuart Clark. It just does not seem correct!!

 Any takers?


6 responses to “A world of bent elbows and javelin throws

  1. While the bent elbows and the javelin throwers will have records to their names, their accomplishments will only be that and nothing else. No commentrator will mention their greatness during their match coverage. No coach will relate stories of their accomplishments as inspirational material. Their memories among fans will be short lived. In this mordern era of excessive world cricket, statistics will eventually lose its stardom as an indicator of greatness. Only great moments will be remembered – such as the tendy innings against pakistan in 2003. Dan Marino is still considered the greatest quarterback inspite of not winning a single super bowl.

  2. In the recently concluded India-Pak Test, they showed split-scree, super slow-motion shots of the Rawalpindi Express and the Turbanator bowling a doosra. Frankly, the javelin action was perceptible. Why else would they show these shots repeatedly? The euphemism that was used repeatedly by Rameez Raja was “look at that hyper-extension”. At one point in time I discerned a distincy chuckle at the end of the phrase!

    The point I am making is that our own Turbanator could well be added to the list for his doosra.

    As for the Tamil-speaking bowler, one can’t forget Bishen Bedis’ quip when pressed for a comment on his doosra. He is reported to have said, “Arre, uska pehla hi theek nahin hai, tho doosra ki kya baath karoon mein”

  3. Considering some of these players notably srilankans are stars in their land we will be seeing more of these throwers, a pity that genuinely good bowlers like Vaas don’t make half the headlines these guys get .I am always amazed how the blond colored srilankan and rawalpindi express get away with such an obvious action.Maybe the umpires see or know something we don’t see.

  4. I’m not sure why everyone’s harping about the “”blonde-wannabe” srilankan”. His action is fine, it’s unconventional but he DOES NOT THROW! A case could be made for the others, but the slinga’s action is clean. And he’s a very exciting bowler to boot!

  5. sad to see that people still don’t understand the concept of an optical illusion. It’s also sad that the tv stations that cover cricket don’t show the clips of murali bowling with a metal brace that doesn’t allow him to extend or bend his arm. Even michael holding, someone who was convinced he threw the ball, was made to change his perspecive.

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