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Indian summer starts early in Oz

The Lankans have come and gone.  Apart from Sangakara, they didn’t offer much resistance and the cricket fans in Australia are bored. To keep them happy, the media is already running stories on the upcoming India Australia series. Here are links to a few articles in no specific order –


Kirsten, the new coach?

Gary Kirsten has been offered the job to coach Team India. The duration of his tenure is likely to be 2 years, and that is unlikely to extend based on what he has said –

Although I’ve always wanted to coach a team at some point, I always said I wouldn’t do it when (son) Joshua was at big school. He’s only four now so that gives me two years

Niranjan Shah, the board secretary had earlier said that there were 22 applicants for the coach’s job and that no candidate from outside the applicant list would be picked. While talking to the press, Kirsten has said that BCCI had approached him for the job and it was not the other way round – which makes me wonder if he was originally in the list of 22 candidates. Wouldn’t come as a surprise if he wasn’t. Notable candidates in the list include Martin Crowe and Kepler Wessels.

Although Kirsten is still mulling over the decision, reports indicate that he is very likely to say Yes. BCCI must have learnt something from the Fordgate episode, as this time around the interview selection process was done without much hype – although the announcement of the selection could have been made after Kirsten had accepted the offer.

I have to admit that I am not too thrilled with Kirsten as a coach – probably because I am not too sure of what he can bring to the team. I would have gone with someone like Martin Crowe. But hey, the coach selection panel know better, right?

I do, however, hope Kirsten turns out to be a good coach. Here are the positives that I can see in Kirsten –

  • He has good test experience having played over 100 tests
  • Has a bit of coaching experience and he is an overseas coach
  • Being a young coach  (he is only 40 years of age), he would have modern ideas
  • His personality [I could be completely wrong here] seems to be more in the mould of John Wright than Greg Chappell

Whatever the case, I hope people who’ve been offered the job don’t watch the television documentary “Guru Greg” – that is bound to put them off from taking up the job…