"Harbhajan is a chucker!"

That is not my statement, it is spin legend Bishen Singh Bedi’s. Feeding some fodder to the Aussie media before the India series is to begin, this is what he had to say –

A lot of people have questioned Harbhajan’s action and they are right to. He has the same problem as Murali

Bedi of course has openly criticised Murali before. When he was once asked about Murali’s doosra, Bedi reportedly said Arre, uska pehla hi theek nahin hai tho, doosra ki kya baath karoon mein” (Although the punch of the line is lost in translation, it loosely reads – “When his main delivery itself is not right, what can I say about his doosra”).

Bedi in the interview to the Sunday Age also sees chucking as a bigger problem than even match fixing –

Chucking is a bigger disgrace than match-fixing because it is done out in the open. It is the scourge of cricket and must be stopped

Oh, well…

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5 responses to “"Harbhajan is a chucker!"

  1. Bedi for sure has lost his balls and sense whatever he had in his life. His opinions about Murali are fine, but Bhajji ? Clearly absurd, this is personal vendetta coming out of Bedi s mind!!!!!!!!

  2. Bedi Saahab is trying to flight his balls too much !! He zz gone Bonkers.
    Some body take him to a Psychiatrist.
    Don’t be surprised if he starts calling Shane, Venkat, EAS and Anil and every Body else who bowls Spin a chucker.

  3. Does the bending of an elbow really give a bowler an unfair advantage?? Honestly, I am not convinced. I am making this statement knowing fully well that it might stir up multiple types of reactions and emotions. But honestly I tried it the other day just to dig deeper into my own beliefs and I was left confused, which is the reason why I am raising this question. Do you think anyone will be able to bowl as fast as Akthar or Brett Lee if he bent his elbow? Or that they would be able to turn the ball square or bowl the doosra if they bend their elbow. I don’t think so. On the same note, batsmen have had so many advantages piled on them over the years. Such as the introduction of helmets. If bradman had had a helmet, I am not sure we would have had the bodyline series at all. Sachin has been hit on the helmet so many times in his career that I dread to imagine how his career would have been cut short without the helmet. I can go on and on. But the crux of the matter is, so what if a bowler bends his elbow. Do the batsmen not have enough skills to tackle it, esp now that they can do video analysis of a bowler, have better protective equipment, etc?? My two cents….

  4. theblackirishman

    Greg Chappel predicted (a couple of years ago) that in 10 years’ time, chucking would be legal. His key point was while it does not give the bowler any particular advantage, it is almost impossible to police!

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