Was Peter Lalor watching the match?

The fielding effort that the Indians put in in the Australian second innings earned Peter Lalor’s special attention — or should we say contempt — in an article in The Australian today. Agreed the fielding was ordinary. We pointed this out in our article yesterday too, in our article at the end of the days’ play. Agreed, the fielding effort wasn’t even perhaps to international standard. Ok. Let’s even agree — just to make Peter Lalor feel good about himself and his lot in life — that any under 14 team in Australian provincial cricket would have fielded better than the Indians did at the ‘G’.

However, the manner in which Peter Lalor went hammer and tongs at the Indians was suggestive of an attitude that can only be reserved for a people that you hate with a passion. I am as one-eyed as they get, but even I reserve an ounce of empathy and objectivity in every 9 ounces of emotional chest-beating fundamentalist-like fervour! Lalor’s article did not just ooze contempt. It wasn’t merely hate-ridden. It was actually factually incorrect. Let us repeat that. His article was factually inaccurate. I am convinced that a pen in this mans’ hand is a weapon of mass vilification.

The reason that we arrived at this conclusion is because of his spew on Yuvraj Singh. Agreed Yuvraj had a lapse (read: one lapse) in the field in the morning’s session of play. Lalor records this moment in his article as:

Yuvraj Singh was, at times yesterday, totally incompetent, letting numerous balls through on the soft, slow, falt-as-a-French-crepe outfield


Was Lalor even watching the match? We are convinced that Lalor was asleep on the wheel. He has done a disservice to Yuvraj Singh as well as Lalors’ own readers. Those who watched the game will, we hope, consign him to the “wierdo” bin or “this man has an axe to grind” bin!

Every champion has an off moment. Tiger Woods has an off moment or an off day. So does Roger Federer. To not acknowledge that is to either not know the topic you are writing about — and it is possible that Lalor does not know his cricket. Or, it is to ignore that Yuvraj Singh is indeed a champion fielder; perhaps even one of the best in world cricket today! It is all the more galling because Yuvraj Singh had one (read: one) lapse in the field yesterday! To paint him as a mug in the field who wants his servants to do his fielding for him suggests Lalor is simultaneously contemptuous, ignorant, arrogant, biased and blind.

We may have accepted his diatribe if Lalor had also pointed out Brad Hogg’s shocking misfield (once) and Andrew Symonds’ laziness (once) when India batted.

We have no doubt that the Australians set different standards in the field. India is nowhere near that class or standard. However, it is this singular lack of objectivity that makes us think that Lalor has marked out Yuvraj Singh (here) just as he did Sree Santh.

9 responses to “Was Peter Lalor watching the match?

  1. Peter Lalor hates all things Indian with a passion. He has been writing tripe since the Aussies visited India. It’s getting a bit too much now.

  2. How can you say that? This blog has proven that Mr. Lalor is a saint.

  3. You expect this sort of writing from that paragon of tabloid excess, The Herald Sun, as embodied by its writers Craddock and Pierik.

    But surely the Australian caters for a ‘Higher Common Denominator’ audience, who deserve better.

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  5. Peter Lalor replies: I take issue with only one thing in your report. Which isn’t to say that I concur with the rest.
    I do not “hate all things Indian” and could provide many articles celebrating Indian cricket to prove that.
    The fact that I chose to spend much of my spare time in that country might also indicate some affection, no?
    Indeed I spent New Years Eve at a party for part of the Indian community in Sydney.
    I do, however, hate poor cricket whoever plays it and that’s what some of the Indian fielders gave us in that Test.
    I might also point out that the article was well received by parts of the Indian team who agreed whole heartedly. You may wish to defend the side’s effort if you like.

  6. @Peter Lalor

    Your defensive posting makes Rahul Dravid’s defensive batting (5 runs off 66 balls) look attractive.

    Your closing line “You may wish to defend the side’s effort if you like” suggests you don’t read before you post. This blogsite has been constant in its criticism of the Indian fielding.

    Your pointer to “parts of the Indian team” agreeing whole heartedly, is blasphemous. I am very close to several members of the Indian team and all of them are disgusted by your post. After your post and the story on Yuvraj Singh in The Age, they have vowed not to read Australian newspapers at all.

    Not a bad effort mate. For a self-proclaimed Indophile, you are doing quite well at destroying the trust and confidence that Team India has in you and your tribe! Well done mate. Very well done!

    Your article was factually inaccurate in that you marked out Yuvraj Singh as the candidate to pillory. Like you, I too dislike bad cricket and it has been recorded almost everywhere that India played bad cricket at the MCG. That is not the problem though with your article. You built a story out of a crass misrepresentation. And now you are defending it by claiming something that can’t be substantiated — that the Indian team likes your writing. Whats’ more? That claim is again false. Shame on you. If you are a man though, you will not hide behind a cloak of falseness and defensive postures. You would take responsibility for the error in your ways, take it on the chin (like a true Aussie) and move on.

    Teams visiting Australia do not just have to combat hostile conditions. They have to combat irresponsible hoons in the media.

    I agree with the tone of the post on this blogsite. A pen in your hand is a weapon of mass villification. I’d have said “stick to your day job”. But alas! It is at your day job that you are most dangerous.

    By the way, here is a hot tip. You do not become an Indophile by eating samosa and dancing to a Bollywood tune at a mate’s party.

  7. I apologise whole heartedly, I realise after watching the first day of the Sydney test that Yuvraj Singh is god’s gift to fielding and his bowler’s must love having him out there.
    Every team must wish they had eleven of him and every coach must wish they could bottle his attitude.
    Alright, I hereby confess I made it all up, I hate all things Indian and he was not responsible for any mis-fields in Melbourne or Sydney.
    Keep setting the standards high guys and you’ll keep getting those great results!
    PS Gautam I don’t dance.

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