Mahabharatha Down Under- A Bollywood Blockbuster

A bollywood movie called “Victory” is apparently being shot during the ongoing Aus-Ind test series. Rumour has it that the two umpires officiating in the Sydney test match were upset that they were not offered comedy roles in the movie. As a result, they have decided to take law into their own hands and perform “stand up” comedy during play. Bucknor has certainly got the attention of the director of the movie by his amazing “multiple role” performance called “comedy of errors”. Mark Benson has put on a “Bob Christo” like role is also attracting attention. Andrew Symonds who was denied the role of hanuman has decided to play “God” in the game. His role as characterized by Channel nine commentator Mike Slater is a philosophical one where he forgives all those who have committed sins as long as they continue to serve in his name. And the story drifts on……

 Seriously, this test match has all but become a comedy for me, featuring the blind, deaf and dumb as umpires in the game. Yeah, yeah, yeah, India have not taken these decisions in their stride and played like professionals. But seriously, all India had/have is a glimmer of hope to draw/win the series and they nearly pulled it off yesterday with a second rung bowling line up but for Kumble. And then when that small window gets shut by incompetence of the worst kind, to expect the team to somewhow digest it and fight back is expecting too much. Having said that, I entirely agree with Mohan that India have done really well. One hopes to see the batsmen turn the screws on and play the way only they can. Australia scored 500 the last time India played in Adelaide and lost the test match. History does repeat itself, we hope it is this time around..


One response to “Mahabharatha Down Under- A Bollywood Blockbuster

  1. Bucknor for Drithrashtra and Benson for Gandhari. One the naturally blind and the other forcing it on himself woed by the better half. I assure you that if these two umpires had been from the sub-continent, they would have been fried in public.

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