Over rates (again)…

Here are the over rates for the Australia v India series thus far:

1st Test :: MCG :: 26, 27, 28, 29 December 2007

Australian 1st Innings :: 92.4 overs in 395 mins (4.24m/over)
Indian 1st Innings :: 71.5 overs in 315 mins (4.37m/over)
Australian 2nd Innings :: 88 overs in 380 mins (4.31m/over)
Indian 2nd Innings :: 74 overs in 342 mins (4.62m/over)

2nd Test :: SCG :: 2, 3, 4 January 2008 (incomplete at the time of this posting)

Australian 1st Innings :: 112.3 overs in 487 mins (4.30m/over)
Indian 1st Innings :: 138.2 overs in 642 mins (4.61m/over)

In other words, so far in the series, India have bowled at an average of about 4.28 mins per over, while Australia has bowled at an average of 4.53 mins per over! Enuf said. But don’t worry. I will continue to track this behaviour through this series till someone sits up and takes notice. I do want to see an article on this in one of the major dailes here.

Please note that, at the time of writing, the official lapse-time for the Indian 1st innings at the SCG was not yet up on the Cricinfo scoreboard. The 642 minutes that I have included is based on my back-of-the-envelope calculation. As soon as the official time is up on the scoreboard, I will revise the time and recalculate the running average over rate.

— Mohan

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