Monkey Letter!

Sampath Kumar, a regular reader of i3j3Cricket has sent the following Letter to The Age:

Please see the attachment as my attempt to instil some humour into the spoilt rich cricketers, who are offended by the word, “monkey’.

Here, in the sunny coastal town of Mornington, Victoria, I walk past this child care centre daily with my dog, Panda. I see happy young mothers dropping off their “monkeys” for day care.

If we were to follow the cricketers, then the parents of these clever children and the owner of the centre are out and out racists!

In Tamil Nadu, India where I came from 35 years ago, calling or referring to mischievous and clever children as “monkey boy” is common. Also, manipulative adults would be referred to as the “monkey conductor” — after those who train monkeys to do tricks and earn money by making these monkeys do the tricks at roadside kerbs or circus or fairs and festivals.

Sam Kumar


8 responses to “Monkey Letter!

  1. Mohan forgot to attach the photo

    It shows a monkey with the name of the child care and development centre


  2. The auzies have shown that they are very sensitive when it comes to this issue in particular. I have always admired symonds. I affectionately refer to him as “anjayena” and this I mean as a compliment. His power, strength, determination are all assets. If baji said something similar to monkey…he indeed may be in trouble. However it will open the door wide open to India complaining about anything derogatory (including swearing, sledging) by auzzies. If Pointing had class,,,he would have spoken to Sachin and settled it with Kumble. Alas, no one has accused him of having class!!

  3. Well of course they don’t have class. Their forefathers did not have any class that’s why they were transported from the UK in the first place.

    Sorry for using harsh language but I’m very annoyed about this whole Bhajji-Symonds incident. Symonds and Australians are like those bullies in school who’ll say bad stuff to you and when you retaliate they’ll complain to the headmaster and make up stuff. Australians are bad spirited cricketers.

    Also read the interview of this guy Peter Lalor. He should know that the first rule of journalism is objectivity and he does not possess any. He is just a fan who is a writer. Stop pretending to be a journalist.

  4. Ponting Just wants to do something keep Harbhajan out of the Indian team. I think even a 1st division chennai league player would play better against Harbhajan than Ponting does.

  5. and Again if Bhajji is not found guilty Potning or Symonds should be banned for a few games for their childish behaviour on the field.

  6. NotWhiteNotBlack

    Our Black is better than yours.
    When only one of your team member is coloured an is abused why is seen as wrong that a white captain stands up for him?
    Surely after the Indias last encounter with OZ all players are now aware that to call a person of negriod extraction a “Monkey” is just plain wrong. I didnt know that calling a someone a Kaffir was wrong until the incident in WA against Sth Africa. I do now I would not repeat it to a coloured person in SA, regardless of the fact that the word holds no air of racial overtone in my country. It a type of Lime, or it was.

  7. Hi all…

    I’ve randomly searched blogs of Indian cricket (in English of course!) in the hope the behaviour of our heroes over the past few days isn’ t hurting too much. Sadly I’ve been disappointed. So, as an Australian I say let’s all please recognise our own biases first, but then, as fans, rise above the childish ego-based goings-on of the past few days and get back to playing cricket. Easy and cheap cliches about Australians’ forefathers and class (above) is as basic, childish, and ill-informed as the behaviour our spoilt overpaid heroes are displaying. I hear you (all!) re Aussie arrogance and openly agree with many points – certain players (eg Ponting, Clarke) are thinking they are bigger than the great game – but I promise the Australian culture will pull them into line very quickly – it already is starting as local polls show many Australians unhappy with our own team’s behaviour. So, please, support your great India to do the greatest thing they could do – come out firing against Australia in Perth utilising the talent, skill, and creativity that lives so vibrantly within your great team under the leadership of Sachin and Anil. The only thing more childish than Ponting’s whinging is to take your bat and ball and go home sulking. You have the opportunity to rise above this – win lose or draw – and grow the huge respect that lives within most real Australians for your great country and your great team. Let’s play. And stop reading the Australian press, they are almost as bad as Fleet Street – they love (and drive!) this controversy.

    See you in Perth, heads or tails?

  8. Karan,
    You aren’t using harsh language . You just aren’t using facts.
    What proportion of the Australian population
    are decedents of convicts?
    The first free settlers arrived in Australia in 1793, merely 5 years after the first fleet of convicts, sailors, soldiers and civil servants.
    A total of 164,000 convicts were sent to Australia. Australia’s population at the time the last convict arrived in 1868, was 1,539,552 (excluding Aborigines).
    Like Andrew Symonds, 25% of the current Australian population was not born in Australia.

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