Man of the Match and Man of the Series :: Australia v India

The 2nd Test match between Australia and India is not yet over.

However, I nominate Mark Benson as the Man of the Match

Steve Bucknor is an early nominee for the Man of the Series.

The impact that these two idiots have had in this game has been truly phenomenal…

— Mohan

15 responses to “Man of the Match and Man of the Series :: Australia v India

  1. Let’shear stupid Ian Chappell now come and say it all evens out. How the F**K does it even out if all decisions are against one team in a single f**k**g game? India should refuse to play under these two umpires.

  2. asad rauf/buchnor
    asad rauf/taufel next two tests god help us

  3. India shd slow things down…no need to face more than 15 overs

  4. it looks like monkeys can get hat tricks (oops maybe the iccc will be on my case

  5. Indian non-wickets given as out. All line calls given againt India. Australian wickets given not-out. Pretty much sums up the game for me. That was probably the worst feeling in the world.

  6. If this is what is going to follow in the next two matches, god save cricket. The two umpires might not be done yet. They might also influence the next two matches by saying something on the Bajji’s hearing.

  7. Indian fans are feeling the pain. If at all pride and patriotism is above money, Indian team should return to India, calling off the series. Let the involved parties incur the losses. Particularlyfor player, if Nation comes ahead of money. Because, we (fans) now are in pain though we have zero benefit through following Indian cricket, where as i am afraid Indian players would be of worry that they may lose huge sums through salary etc if they didnt play. I guess its better to not follow cricket.

  8. kumble was absolutely dignified in the start-cricket interview. He talked about everyone could see what happened in the middle. He did come down on the batsmen for not lasting 2 sessions. he is a class act. very disappointed that we were not able to eek out a draw.

  9. slater chappelle gavaskar all agree…benson was an absolute fool to go to pointing to confirm the catch. Bucknor is the guy. ot the 3rd umpire. Pointing in an interview with Star says they had an agreement that the confirmation will be sought from the captain… bull-shit this from a guy that knew and did not walk!!!

  10. In view of the farse in the second test match and ugly cricket played by the austrialians, Indian board should pull back their team from australia and severe all cricketing realtionships with theam. Australians must be banned from playing cricket for next two years in all international level by ICC. Austrilians should not be allowed to bring the glorious game of cricke to any more disrepute. They must be taught moral lessons and righteousness and asked to do public service like public toilet cleaning. Cheaters are punished under law. And if you are cheating in the full view of 100 crore people we can’t allow it. They are Australian crickets are criminals in the view of hundred crore Indians. If they go out of the stadium they could be arrested for con’ing the Indian team and the whole world.

    Also umpires should be criminally procecuted and later publically executed.

  11. I think it is unnecessary to have two umpires. The one decision that the leg umpire makes is on the run out and stumping. The “third umpire” invariably decides these. The leg umpire is therefore redundant.
    Further the “third umpire” already comes into play for making decisions on (1) judging catches that are not clear, (2) boundaries/ sixes. So, what is left for the main umpire is the decision on leg before the wicket and no balls/ wides. I am sure technology will improve to decide lbw decisions and surely, audiovisual system can be devised to announce no balls and wides. This leaves the main umpire’s responsibilities to announce start and close of play, over, drinks interval, lunch and tea besides signaling boundaries and sixes. (Another responsibility will be maintaining discipline on the field.) This can be easily done by anyone with a little knowledge of cricket. Cricket will then have fewer controversies and will be a fair game.
    You can still have two umpires who can alternate between sessions. This will give them some rest.

  12. In my view, umpires decisions were highly influenced by the behavior of the Australian players. This is not the first time this happened in Australia. This happens to almost all touring sides. Australians seem to have mastered the way to manipulate umpires.

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    Why umpires favor Australian cricket team – 5 possible reasons

  13. Do you really think the umpiring was the only determinant of the outcome of this Test?
    How many of Australia’s 864 runs made and 20 wickets taken were the result of poor umpiring decisions?

  14. who is Indian player who got three times man of match in test series

  15. who is the indian player who got man of the match in test matches

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