Harbhajan banned for three tests, India may return home

According to MV Sridhar, India’s team spokesman, India may return home after hearing the verdict against Harbhajan Singh. While the BCCI has played down the threat, I personally feel that it is worthwhile considering returning home. The spirit of the game has been shattered not just by the umpiring decisions but by poor sportsmanship on the part of the Aussie team. If the verdict is indeed true (cricinfo does not confirm it as yet), it is a sad reflection on the state of affairs in the sport. It is not difficult anymore to start believing conspiracy theories.

I have lost all respect for the Australian team and the australian media (including Channel nine) for their sissy like behavior, and any trust of the ICC and its people,  and am finding it difficult to view this series in any objective manner possible.

– Srikanth

14 responses to “Harbhajan banned for three tests, India may return home

  1. Indian team members, if at all, they have self respect, should take first flight and return home. I would have been proud if Harbhajan did a Zinadine Zidane act and got banned. A murderer is a murderer irrespective of if him killing one or a lot. And about the appeal, what BCCI would do if they lose it. How the protest can be shown at that time? Show the protest immediately. Oh by the way what is the report of Procter? What did Harbahjan say? What did Australians testify? And how come 5 persons can testify against one person when he seemed to have interacted with one? I guess this is more mysterious than Bob Woolmer’s death. Come on…Is this the way to treat a touring team. Dear Friends…in our life of at most 70-90 yrs..why to waste time in following cricket…Sharad Pawar should sucide if he didnt order to call off the tour. And even if Sharad Pawar didnt…if some of our players didnt return immediately proactively… then its waste to have born in this country… We need people like Ranatunga who backed Murali and team to the most extent….Indians will want to increase fame, money at any cost.

  2. Verdict is:

    Harbhajan Sing is a racist
    Sachin Tendulkar is a liar
    Mathew Hayden and Michael Clarke are satya harischandras.

  3. Practical Conclusions –
    Nothing in the world is black and white. There is an element of grey to everything. Our nations greatness is also its greatest weakness – we are an emotional lot. We tend to react more than act. After we take a deep breath, have a glass of beer and let our tempers cool down, we need to then assess our state of affairs.
    First – BCCI does not have the spine to pull off from this series. There is too much money and legality that has to be addressed. And in a sense I agree with them, the game must move on.
    Second – We need to address two batting issues and one potential bowling issue. Jaffer and Yuvi are not good enough at this point and we need appropriate replacements for them, not emotional changes. Also, with Bajji being probably thrown out of the series, India will need an additional player. Pathan might be a good option as he gives both batting and bowling strength. Calling Akash Chopra might be a good idea as well, since shutting the fall of wickets at the top might come in handy. I am not sure there are any good alternatives in the bowling department for India to choose from as a replacement for Bajji.
    Third – There are two more tests in hand and India needs to put a good fight and keep our dignity. Years down the lane, only statistics will be remembered. The aussies know this better than anyone else and that is why they are the force that they are today.
    Last – Develop culture for polished hard hitters. This is where Indians fail the most and aussies succeed the best. Where emotion is concealed and what is meted out is legal, effective and abusive. I am not in any way suggesting that players should resort to racial slurs of a different kind. Instead I am asking them to pull a leaf out of a great character from the epic – Mahabharath – Lord Krishna. The bite of a red ant stings more than the loudest bark of a dog. This might not be a short term solution I am suggesting, but this is the right thing to do and the appropriate way to do it. As a first step in this direction – never never never ever fall into a trap of making any tacit agreements with the aussie team of sportsmanship. It will not be honored. This is the 21st century. If you do get into one such agreement, make sure you break that honor at the right moment that puts your team in the best position. Because, be rest assured, the opposition definitely will.
    If anything, we have to learn from our history. In Ramayana, Vali was killed by Lord Rama in a deceptive manner, because Vali had committed a sin and needed to be eliminated. But because of the powers granted to him by all, it was not possible to defeat him in a direct confrontation.
    The same goes for how Bheema kills Duryodhana in the fight. Chanakya adopted many such strategies in his pursuit to unify his motherland and protect it from foreign invaders. The end, at times in a perverse way, justifies the means. We should no longer be a society of children that run to their mothers to complain, after getting beaten by bullies in a school fight. We should change ourselves to a society of kids that get reprimanded by their parents for having used a cricket bat to hit a older boy and injuring him. Being told that what using a bat to hit someone was bad and not a nice thing to do.
    For I know, that many articles will be written about this test match and how it was this and that. All that will get white washed as the series progresses. Lets just get better at the job and give them a fitting reply over the years. My two cents.

  4. damanjeetsingh

    Ban Or Boon- Harbhajan and Team India Shall DECIDE

    I think the series has just begun!!

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  6. I hope India does not do what Pakistan did in England – walk out of a test match or return back home.

    In the larger interests of the game, India should play the series in the larger interests of the game.
    They should lodge their strong protest for the umpiring.

  7. You must be kidding yourself. You cannot possibly imagine the imapact of returning home for emotional nonsensical reasons for India on such grounds.

  8. The truth is India did not play as well as they should have and just to dodge the bullet for emotional reasons is just rubbish.

  9. If Harbhajaan has at all caalled Symonds a monkey he has indeed done a grave crime by insulting the entire race of monkeys by associating them with symonds.Monkeys are not cheats like Symonds,Ponting and other Aussie cheaters.

  10. If India doesn’t Boycott this tour it will only prove that money is the lone concern and the very esense of the word “cricket” holds no value today.The moment calls for ganguly in caaptains slot.had he been the captain now he would surely have dealt the matter with the match ref in strong hands…..But alas…..

  11. The monents calls for a lifetime ban for the umpires who displayed a series of stupidity while giving the decisions against India.They are incompetent of the place they hold.Steve Buchnor wants to continue umpiring inspite of his age just for the sake of money.He would probably continue umpiring even when he is completely blid.he will raise his finger after every alternate appeal,if the appeals aare aginst the Indians.Ganguly had once marked him zero for his performaance .But after this test match there is no place in positive scale to mark him.-10 or something more negative should be awarded to him.Neither can he see nor can he hear.so how is he expected to give proper decisions.The decisions that he ruled only throws light upon the fact that he is blind and deaf at least to some extent.

  12. Not Walking is NOT CHEATING.

  13. There should be a lifetime ban for the umpires who displayed a series of stupidity while giving the decisions against India.They are incompetent of the place they hold. After the Harbhajan verdict, the Indian cricket team should call off the tour and return home.

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