Must read article from the mX

I saw this great piece of journalism when I picked up the mX today. For readers not living in Australia, the mX is a free evening newspaper that is usually available around train stations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


(Click on the image to see the whole mX article)

Thanks for the article Russell. I fully agree with what you have said. The Indian newspapers are all biased and have tunnel vision. I am glad that the mX isn’t. The umpires had nothing to do with the actual result of the match – it was pure Australian brilliance. I find it appalling that they even blame the umpire for letting Andrew Symonds off in the first innings several times. It is a good thing you did not mention it.

About the Aussie skipper, Ponting reacting to an Indian journa asking why he claimed a catch which clearly wasn’t, I have this to say to the journalist (Raj) – “How dare you question the integrity of the Australian cricket captain?” Sheesh! Doesn’t he know that journalists can even question the integrity of the Australian prime minister, but questioning the integrity of the much revered Australian cricket captain is clearly out of bounds – I am glad Ricky told him to get lost in a nice way.

Just can’t seem to understand why the  mX is free. People should be charged to read great articles like these…


18 responses to “Must read article from the mX

  1. Mahesh,

    It is free because it is the world’s first recycled paper from my shit house!!

  2. People get paid to write crap like this. Hence even crap is recycled!

  3. Umpiring errors cost us this match no doubt….it seems unbelievable that bucknor could not hear symonds nick and could hear dravid nick in the second innings….the same umpire giving both the decisions seems unbelievable….

    But having said that…i think india should still have saved the match….yuvraj just does not seems to be focusing on the game….how can we have lost 7 wickets in the last session….

    i also do not believe is all talks of calling the team back…rubbish….be there and beat the aussies in perth and adelaide…and the one day series…india should show them what they are capable off rather than coming back to india

  4. In the same tabloid (mX) Wasim Akram calls Australia cry babies? I fail to understand this comment. Who are the cry babies – Indians or Australians? Sorry for the discordant note!
    Come on Team India, if you really stood a chance of winning the Sydney test, show it at Perth and Adelaide.

  5. As Prem Panicker rightly puts, Ponting should be suspended since Latif was suspended for claiming a grounded catch by the same Mike Procter.

  6. We really don’t need any more australian newspaper bits to know that australian cricketers are biased and racist. We haven’t seen any player outside white christians in their team except Symonds maybe they mistook him for one.
    And when they realised he was different they are using him a joker to get even with other teams.I really sympathize with him, its the aussies who are monkeying with him not Indians by being overtly conscious of his race.True secularism is not even being aware of differences.
    For a country which boasts a diaspora of immigrants(and native aborigines), we really haven’t seen any diversity in the team.
    Because they have a carribean in the team they feel they are qualified to speak about casteism and divides in Indian team.
    Even Pakistan which doesn’t claim secularism has been more accepting of kaneria and not used every opportunity to point out his difference.

  7. Divya Balachandran

    It seems the same fact about Ricky Ponting to be sacked exists in today’s The Age:
    “RICKY Ponting must be sacked as captain of the Australian cricket team.

    If Cricket Australia cares a fig for the tattered reputation of our national team in our national sport, it will not for a moment longer tolerate the sort of arrogant and abrasive conduct seen from the captain and his senior players in the past few days. It was the ugliest performance by an Australian side for 20 years. The only surprising part of it is that the Indians have not already packed and gone home.” – by Peter Roebuck
    It seems from the get go of this series…the Umpires have been playing the game that means siding not the touring side. Potter does mention in another article in The Age today he is a SA and he knows what racism means…but what is going on in the ground seems Potter knows it only to say it but not act on it. Umpiring errors have been deciders in crucial situations when the match could have turned to the loosing side…in this case India. And banning Harbhajan without any evidence just takes TOO far. I reckon the Indians should just abandon the tour and head home… And ICC needs to seriously think strong and hard if they want people to think of Cricket as a sport and not some racial battle ground.
    – Divya Balachandran

  8. Yes, what happened to us (Indians) at Sydney was very upsetting. Australians spoilt the spirit of the game. The entire world has seen it and understood the point.

    Should we complain and sit down crying rather we should be heading to cannbera play the warm up match get the out of form batsman into form and got to perth and Adelaide.

    Play hard cricket give aussies their own medicine and show them what a**h***s they are.

    Even if India were to loose the last two tests in the same manner as Sydney for me the result would be 3-1 in favour of India


    Play hard cricket give

  9. Harinee,

    Jason Gillespie is Aboriginal.

    And last I checked it was one of your players accused of racisim. But I understand that any criticism of an Indian is clearly a racist comment. You must get along well with the Japanese, who are accusing Australia of racism because we object to whaling.

  10. @ JB

    Have you forgotten Darren Lehmann?

    Let’s not sit on high pedestals please?

  11. Mohankaus,

    Darren Lehmann served a suspension of 5 ODI games. I haven’t forgotten. He admitted his guilt and served his punishment.

    Lets focus on your player please?

  12. @JB
    Great one player !!, you must be so proud.
    What is the proof that our player said m**(have to treat it as a 4-letter word consider your sensitivities)?
    For all you know your captain might have figured that this was the best way to save his wicket!!
    We clearly saw how honest your cricketers are (claiming catches when none exist).What if Indian players make a charge that clarke called harbhajan a m*** because he is a sikh) and everybody swears they are speaking the truth.
    I am sure you will want more proof then.
    And for criticism you aren’t exactly being an angel in your reactions.
    The whole point is Andrew symonds is being used for the wrong reasons. Thanks to ponting he will be treated differently in any country in the subcontinent(and maybe in Eng/Aus too) in future which is what racism is all about.Whereas the real culprit as roebuck says is ponting who should have shielded his player from unneccessary public ire by discussing the issue in private with rival team captain and manager.
    One person who is not surprisingly very silent throughout this mess is Gary Kirsten.

  13. Having spent time as a Caucasian in Asia, I know what it is like to be racially abused. What most of you not in Australia do not seem to understand is that ‘sledging’ is part of any game, be it football, squash, backyard cricket- watch the beach cricket series they are all still having a go at each other- just more gently, close crowds and individually mic’ed. But Racial abuse should never be tolerated call me a C**t if you like but do not subject me to racial abuse. The issue also isn’t whether ‘Monkey’ is a term of indearment or a God, If you were called a Curry-muncher during a game you would be right to complain and that complaint be upheld, even though neither word is particularly offensive in itself, indeed it probably has no relevance in India!

    Umpires make mistakes. Can all of you state, hand on heart that never in recent times has India one due to poor umpiring decision? An impartial count had the errors 4-8 to India’s disadvantage, is this enough to swing the game? Maybe, maybe not, that is the thing about Cricket we will never know.
    Ponting caught and controlled the ball therefore he claimed the catch- If the umpire had explained that he may have had control of the ball, but the rules state that he must be in control himself(ie not airborne) before the catch can be awarded I am sure he would have taken it in good grace.
    I personally feel that this has been blown out of all proportion- if you want to complain how about the fact that Australian pitches are no longer Australian pitches they are all low and flat like sub-continental pitches, that the only reason that this is as much of an issue is the fact that it is India and the BCCI is the most powerful body in Cricket- If the same thing had happenned to the Zimbabwean team and they threatened to boycott wouldn’t the ICCC have pulled them in to line? If Australia had threatened to Boycott a tour of India because of a few dody calls, you would all…. have reacted exactly the same way….it is all Australia’s fault they are (insert chosen terms of condemnation).
    And now everyone is saying batsmen should walk- bloody hell! Glichrist got in to all kinds of trouble from every angle when he started walking!! The flip side of that of course is if batsmen should walk, does that mean they should stand their ground after a poor decision….didn’t think so.

    Rant over- lets just see some more great cricket!

  14. Hi guys,

    Thank God someone picked up on the article. Just for your interest, I actually emailed Russell Gould about the article and he responded! I must admit I was pretty much banging my head against the wall when I read it.

  15. I would love to show the contributors but I cannot seem to find their email addresses! I think the whole Ind-Aus situation is getting to me!!

  16. Nigel
    The issue is not whether we don’t understand racism or m** is a term of endearment. Even if it is in India I do not think any player should use it against a player who doesn’t see it as one.
    The issue here is what is the proof that it was used.This is something which most of you Aussie patriots don’t seem to question and you keep talking about sledging etc.West Indies and Sri lank are the most loved teams in India so
    We have not registered a complaint ever against sledging till you guys made a complaint.So who is playing fair here.And why should the world follow Aussie standards in sports.Do you guys stop using f** words when you play in India becoz its considered offensive. No you will not change your playing style for anyone but everybody has to accept you as you are.Now that is what is racism!! You can use terms of endearment like b** which will probably get your teeth broken anywhere in the subcontinent.And we cannot address you in our terms.
    Get a life! Get off your high horses, whats the point of being the best team in cricket when nobody respects you outside your home.

  17. I am not on any, high horse, I simply fail to see the what is so significant about this test and this incident. I don’t recall any Indians being cited for sledgin gor racial abuse when Lehmann was, so I am unsure as to when Australia started to complain about first about sledging. I am not defending Lehmann, as I mentioned I am against Racism. I also agree that a three match ban is extremely harsh given heresay evidence- but that wasn’t the point of my rant, my issue is that people have been saying ‘Monkey’ is not a racial term, yet the crowd in India made it one, and that specific term was requested not to be used, did the the Indian team specifically request the Australians not to use the term Bastard? If so then I stand corrected. Unfortunately when talking about cultural differences you can’t let things go unsaid, you must state rules. It is extremely difficult to truly offend an Australian- we have no specific cultural hang-ups (or too many to deal with) whereas Indians it would appear are easily offended by common forms of address- let us know it will stop I guarantee it. Oh but you best tell the English and the NZer’s and the Zimbabweans- and any modern english speaking country as it is in quite widespread colloquial use.

    These guys are sportsmen not holders of PhD’s in Sociology and experts on cultural diversity- they are going to drop some clangers- as I am sure everyone does (a language difference helps).
    Finally who says you cannot address you in your terms- call me whatever you like, so long as it is not racially derived it is all water off a ducks back.

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