Bucknor removed from the Perth Test

Steve Bucknor has been removed by the ICC from officiating in the Perth Test. Billy Bowden will, instead, officiate.

Malcolm Speed said, “I expect that Steve [Bucknor] will continue as an ICC Elite panel umpire but what we’re seeking to do here is to take some tension out of the situation.

The key word there, I suspect is “expect”. I suspect that that means we have seen the last of Bucknor?

So after flexing its financial muscle the BCCI has won round-one of two-round battle. It now wants its second claim to be settled prior to the Perth Test: that of Harbhajan Singh’s appeal being heard prior to the Perth Test and that the “guilty of racism” tag overturned against its player.

Once again, the ICC has buckled under pressure and has come down on one of its own. Yes, we all agree that Steve Bucknor had an ordinary game in Sydney and perhaps it was right for the ICC to bid goodbye to him. But why did they not do so prior to the Sydney Test? Why did it have to come to this?

Once again, the ICC has shown that it is a United-Nations-type organisation that just listens to the might of the powerful or (in this case) the rich.

— Mohan


15 responses to “Bucknor removed from the Perth Test

  1. Mohan,

    Sachin didnt send SMS to Pawar. As guessed.
    But my doubt is what is Sachin’s version of the story and his stand? According to Sachin, did Harbhajan uttered the word or not? Or Sachin is as unsure as anybody else except Australians?

    I had this point in one of my earlier posts. Still i have this. Unless this has a clear answer from Sachin directly or from Procter’s official report, i am not satisfied with protest that “Harbhajan didnt say or there is no clear evidence” rather i think it would be logical and agreeable if the protest is saying “Branding the act as racial abuse is too high and unaccepatable, may be it could have hurt Symonds, if at all Harbhajan had uttered, which may at the most called as just sledging because getting hurt by sledging and the sesitivity of the subject of matter in that sledge is purely highly subjective”

    Your take???? Any closer sources confirmed Sachin’s clear stand???

  2. Another point is, there is no use in accepting the suggestion “Harbhajan can play pending the appeal” by ICC. What if the appeal is against India sometime later after the series. India might have won some matches at that time and our fans would be floating in that success and forget all this and forget Harbhajan, like the BCCI brings a player to side , drops him and he is forgotten. Aussie would carry forward their arrogant behaviour and continue enjoying laying rules like ‘what ever said on field leave on field” applicable only if they are on the giving side.

    India should not budge here, in this stiuation. This a situation where no other country can be in and we only can face and win it and expose the other side of Ponting and co’s face and prove that they are not THE popular team proportional to their successes.

    India shouldnt play at Perth unless the appeal is completed and Harbhajan is cleared for lack of concrete evidence. And ICC should decide on any one of these “talk anything on field” or “no talks are allowed”. No laying of “line in sand” business.

  3. Mohan,

    There is only one battle and that is Habhajan’s case. There is no first battle “sub: replacing the umpire” at all because sacking Bucknor is inevitable. Again i am stressing on the fact that the real battle is to get “BEFORE Perth test” the reaction/conclution of ICC on these:

    1) (If Sachin is unsure if Bhajji said or not (or) if Sachin had stressed that Bhajji didnt utter) then clear Harbhajan on “Lack of evidence”.

    2)”Anything can be said on field” or “No talikings on field”

    3)If Harbhajan is found guilty, same punishment to be awarded to Hogg

    4) Suspension of Ponting for claiming a grounded catch citing Latif’s case involving same Procter (Some one should raise an appeal on this to ICC)

  4. I agree with you 100%. It should be anything goes or nothing goes as i have already said in an earlier post.

  5. Yes something should be done about Ponting as he is insisting that the catch was clean contrary to all the evidence available. who is he fooling? Again as i said earlier, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander. If latif had to go then so should ponting. Pity that we have to talk like this about a brilliant batsman.

  6. In all of this it appears that India is emerging to be a latter day USA-where might is right-in this instance financial.

    Essentially the legal process such as it is is being thwarted by saying we’ll accept the decision if it is in our favour, if not watch out.

    And before hot retorts spring, let me declare my bias, I am an Indian!

  7. Hi 10yearslate,

    You have a valid point there. But here in my opinion it was used to correct a wrong. nobody can be found guilty without evidence. Procter says he ‘knows’ what racism means. ok. but that doesn’t give him the right to hang the accused on just the word of the accusors. Show proof and i will accept the verdict since it is the rule. without proof, sorry the verdict is unacceptable.

    But as you fear the same clout may be and i am sure one day it will be used to make a wrong a right.

  8. The tone of comments on this site, as on other sites are that Habijan said he didn’t do, his team mate said he didn’t do it ergo he didn’t do and Andrew Symonds is a liar. If that’s the way its going to go then there is no point in having the system at all. Players simply have to abuse each other out of range of the stump microphones and that is it. By the way if you don’t think that Harbijan said something then realised he’d gone too far have a look at the replay of the incident and watch him attempt to very meekly try and apologise. At least Lehman was man enough to admit it, accept his five game ban, apologise and get on with life.

  9. @Johnny : At least Lehman was man enough to admit it ??

    Can we see some more MEN accepting their actions.To start with Let PONTING accept that he knew that HE had nicked it in the first innings but waited for the umpire’s call.Then let the rest of the players accept the TRUTH regarding the innumerable bad decisions against the indian players.Once this is done , We will ask HARBHAJAN to clarify what happened.

  10. I wholeheartedly disagree with OP, this is not about financial muscle … it is about repeated incompetent umpiring which cost the team a draw in the worst case and potential win in the best case.

    I dont know about others, but I want the best possible umpiring, B&B are far far away from being close to the mark at this point in time.

  11. Mr Johnvayne,
    With all due respect sir, we are not claiming that he said or he didnt. All we are saying is that the basis on which Harbhajan was sentenced was flimsy. Honestly, Mr Mike Proctor’s handling of the matter takes Indians back to the painful memories during the rule of the British Empire, when our great freedom fighters were subjected to similar types of judicial trials and judgements in both South Africa and India and sentenced based on their skin color more than the facts presented in the case. If ICC later finds that there was no corroborative evidence to prove that Harbhajan said one way or the other, I would hope that Procter is sacked as a Match Refree, casuse I believe his judgement was colored. It is one thing to hold a placard that says I am not racist, and another to practice it.

  12. The headlines should have read – Bucknor Dropped from 3rd Test to suitably remember Black Sunday at Sydney.

  13. @Jahnnyvane

    Or should I say, @Jinnyvine, for you can’t even spell Harbhajan’s name properly.

    Be that as it may, TV evidence against Harbhajan will be thrown out in a court of law. How do you KNOW that the conversation did not go this way:

    Harbhajan — Symmo, your mother stinks.
    Symmo — Do not drag my mother into this. If you do, I will drag your mother into this.
    Harbhajan (sheepishly) — I am sorry.

    Now tell me that the above conversation did not happen. And I will tell you it did!

    All we are saying is that in the absence of any evidence, how can one prove “beyond reasonable doubt”?

    As for players simply abusing “each other out of range of the stump microphones”, isn’t that what the Australians have been precisely doing for decades now?

    Now each team is aping in the Australians and when it comes back at them, the Australians can’t seem to be able to take it!

    The Mafia is calling for Police Protection!

    If it can be proven that Harbhajan said it, let him do the time.

    — Mohan

  14. I am not sure that if Harbhajan was not awarded the ban, then, would the Indian team ( backed by BCCI ) have shown such stubbornness by going as far as staying in Sydney itself just for the cause of replacing Bucknor. I doubt so.

    According to records their first priority and first reason for protest was to erase the racial slur thrown on an Indian cricketer which was in a way questioning the pride of a nation.

    But now, going by the reports about BCCI confirming that the tour is on, it appears that they have become somewhat happy and the fans are considering that they have won a case, as if it was Bucknor vs India.

    So does this mean BCCI restrained Indian team from going to Canberra just to see that Bucknor is removed on first prioity?

    For me, its relevent if Bucknor officiates in Perth or not. Its not important. What would you do if Billy Bowden or Asad Rauf give the same quality of umpiring as Bucknor and Benson did. So would you do protest for that as primary reason and stay in Perth and wont move to Adelide?

    Pathetic that they had one thing as high priority yesterday and pushed it little down today. This would enable ICC to push things slowly which would have its own influences and imapact because time has influence and impact on everything (inflation)

    The matter of importance was nature has brought a situation in front of us to get answers for some serious questions which could be got only now.

    If Indian team and BCCI doesnt get the result (i stress, result, it can be in favour or not in favour , thats irrelevent to me) of appeal before Perth test then they shouldnt play but return. Because if the appeal is postponed and if they play agreeing for appeal to take its course,surely, Bhajji & India would be further humiliated by reaffirming the ‘racial slur’ mark thanks to india/BCCI forgetting their priority (as they have done now) and wouldnt have that much intensity/interest as they have now, if India performs well at that time of result of appeal. And for, Ponting and co, situation wouldnt be as crunch as now for them, no one would be targetting them for bringing to this stage and they would continue their theories which is only for them and become crybabies when someone gives back. And no question would get clear cur answers with reagrd to sledging and “line in sand” etc.

    But if the result of appeal come out before Perth then the intensity of current situation would have a lot to play in the outcome and other derivative rulings of ICC.

    And i should admit that ICC has played its cards well so far by taking up the secondary important umpire issue first and doing some thing and just diverting the focus of the reason for “tension” ( in Speed’s words) that got arisen in course of protesting for removing the ban. And projected an image and made media to comprehend it to write as far as “Bhajji in , Bucknor out” as if Bucknor banned Bhajji. So Bucknor was made casuality to divert attention. Poor guy.

    Going by this, it makes me smell that BCCI and India would happily agree Harbhajan’s ban if Hogg too got a suspension or ban. I think, if it happens, poor India and BCCI would think this as victory and celebrate quoting “justice done” like they are celebrating today in various parts as if Bucknor was replaced for banning Bhajji . India, BCCI may fully forget about the point “removing the racial slur thrown upon” that they were quoting as primary objective yesterday which seems to have lessedned in intensity today. And ICC would have given no answer for “sledging banned” or not. They may play it down as already done.

    I request Mohan to post view on “Did Indian team(guided by BCCI) stayed in Sydney stubbornly just for the petty thing that Bucknor is replaced”.

  15. theblackirishman

    On a lighter note, India has lost the best possible excuse they would have had for the inevitable innings defeat at Perth 🙂

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