Interesting interviews with Jim Maxwell and Harsha Bhogle

I came across a couple of interesting interviews with two respected cricket commentators who are currently part of the ABC Grandstand team – Jim Maxwell and Harsha Bhogle.

– Jim Maxwell : Video link and transcript

– Harsha Bhogle : Audio link

In addition, you can also listen to Cricinfo’s Siddartha Vaidyanathan’s views as well as Peter Lalor’s interview on ABC


4 responses to “Interesting interviews with Jim Maxwell and Harsha Bhogle

  1. Thanks for the links, Vish.

    It is interesting as always to what Harsha has to say. The only concern I have with his comments particularly on what gets said on the field about parenthood etc. is, why now? Why has this not been raised as an issue earlier? Why did it have to wait till your opposition made a deal about it? Has parenthood, and family culture become an important issue suddenly? In many ways, this seems like 10th grade high school to me. All your deeds would be spilled out as soon as you ratted on your friend..

  2. I was on hold on air as Harsha Bhogle said those words. I came on immediately in the Talk-Back segment and this is what I said (from memory):


    One of your previous callers talked about the slow batting when India battled to save the match on day-5. On the matter of slowing down proceedings on the last day, all you have to do is to look at the over rates in this series to know that Australia has bowled at a far slower rate than India in this series up until now. And on the specific point of slowing down the game, a point that your previous caller made, on the 3rd day of the Test match, when Australia was under the pump, Australia bowled nearly 7 overs less than their bowling quota for the day — that despite the game having been extended by an extra half hour! So let’s please stop whingeing about over-rates and get some perspective on this issue?

    But my real point is one about sledging. Australian cricketers keep talking about “lines in the sand” that should not be crossed. Now, who draws these lines? Show me the rule book on appropriate sledging? Has the ICC written this rule book on what is an appropriate sledge and what is not? Has the BCCI written this book? Or has Cricket Australia written this book? Is your line better than my line? Do our two lines have to be the same, or do they even need to intersect?

    If you criticise my mother in a spray of yours, why should I spare you a spray of my own, however vile or denigrating it may be?

    We have a saying in India, “If you throw a stone in the gutter, you should expect a splash back to soil your own clothes”. So all this talk about lines in the sand is a bit rich for me.


    This is what I said roughly. Of course, not verbatim but from my memory of what I said.

    — Mohan

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