The show must go on…

Television, Radios, print media and the blogosphere reporting on cricket have all been running full steam on umpiring decisions, the game being played in the right spirit, racial slurs, bans and the lot after the Sydney test. I thought I’d break the monotony with a post on actual cricket.

Australia lead the series 2-0 and the focus now shifts to the Perth test which starts in a week. The Australians dominated the MCG test and were the clear winners. It was a different story at the SCG. Although they won the SCG test, the match was very much in the open till the 5th day morning. To the credit of Hussey and Symonds, they batted India out of the game and by lunch time, only 2 results were possible – either an Australian win or a tame draw. If it hadn’t been for bad umpiring decisions through out the game and an Indian batting collapse on the final day, we could have had a very different result and the Indians can take some consolation from that.

For starters, the fab four – Dravid, Laxman, Tendulkar and Ganguly were amongst the runs. Even more heartening was the fact that in Dravid’s second innings, he seemed to have lost the shackles that tied him down in the first innings and the first test. In the bowling department, RP Singh excelled in the first innings and troubled the batsmen even in the second. Ishant was a bit unlucky, but we really missed Zaheer Khan. Kumble as always was reliable and Harbhajan bowled much much better than the MCG test.

Ok – those were the positives;  what about the negatives? Wasim Jaffer has been really disappointing so far and in my opinion should make way for Sehwag. Yuvraj Singh is also completely out of sorts. He needs to make way for Pathan, which will give us the extra fast bowling option in Perth (I can’t even imagine going to Perth with just 2 fast bowlers!) If I were a selector, I wouldn’t pick Harbhajan Singh for Perth – but that is unlikely to happen (Apparently he is allowed to play until the appeal is hear). I also think it is unlikely that Pankaj Singh or VRV Singh will replace Ishant Sharma in the playing XI. We managed to take 17 Australian wickets but at a cost of 864 runs. Unless we get all twenty wickets at a much lower cost, India don’t stand a chance. The batsmen – particularly the big 4 will have to play well again. My guess is that Pathan, Pankaj Singh, VRV Singh and Sehwag will be given a chance to play in the 2-day tour game in Canberra, which starts tomorrow.

Of course, Australia start as the overwhelming favourites. The bouncy wickets of WACA will be a challenge to the Indians and let us hope they put up a good fight like they did in Sydney. If the match does not have a clear winner on the morning of day 5, I’ll be a happy man.

Most likely team –

  • Sehwag
  • Dravid
  • Laxman
  • Tendulkar
  • Ganguly
  • Dhoni
  • Pathan
  • Kumble
  • Harbhajan Singh
  • RP Singh
  • VRV Singh/Ishant Sharma


13 responses to “The show must go on…

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  2. In all the Sydney hoopla, India’s debacle in the second innings is a mystery. If Michael Clarke can get 3 wickets, why not our bowlers ?
    True that umpiring compounded the issue – Hussey, Rahul Dravid and Ganguly. But India should have easily batted for 72 overs.

    I would assume that Harbhajan issue was a factor playing in the minds of all Indian players in the second innings both while Australia batting and also during Indian batting. I have a feeling Australia played that “mind game” effectively. Ponting who was Harbhajan’s bunny would be happy to see him out for 3 tests.

    Time to move on and show the spirit on the field now.

    Irfan as an allrounder for Perth makes a lot of sense and Sehwag in for Jaffer.

  3. Yes..enough already I say.

    The question Perth..what should India plan on doing on the 4th and 5th day, given that the match will be over in 3.

    Seriously though, I am pretty sure Australia will play four quicks (Tait in for Hogg). So the boys had better prepare for a pace rich fare.

    And I second Pathan and Viru in for Yuvi and Jaffer.

  4. Someone from India should play – The “Roy Fredricks” type of innings at Perth – 169 (21 Fours and 7 sixers) against – Thompson, Lillee, Max Walker , Gary Gilmour during the Australia – WI series.

  5. Ok gnbmdr. I will ring around India and find out who can do that. 🙂

  6. I was at the MCG on Boxing Day to see Sehwag make 195 in a day. It was fantastic batting. Little footwork, just a great eye and timing. Would love to see him on fire against Brett Lee again.
    (Despite Sehwag’s best efforts, Australia won by 9 wickets)

  7. Mahesh:

    It does look as though the wrong man is scoring at Manuka. Just when he was looking ripe for an axe, Wasim Jaffer is moving steadily towards a century (on 70 off 132 as I wrie this) against the ACT Invitation XI. Meanwhile, Sehwag is out for 24! I don’t think VRV will play. Ishant Sharma perhaps did enough in Sydney to get a crack on the lively Perth surface.

    Mahesh, I am not sure Harbhajan Singh will play. Why should he? In Pura Cup games at the WACA, spinners have bowled no more that 10 overs or so, and that too in the 2nd Innings.

    I’d therefore go with:
    V. V. S. Laxman
    M. S. Dhoni
    Irfan Pathan
    Anil Kumble
    R. P. Singh
    Ishant Sharma

    Meanwhile, Australia are perhaps looking at an all-pace attack.

  8. theblackirishman

    I was thinking along the same lines as Mohan. I am still doubtful about India’s ability to take 20 wickets at Perth.

  9. Like I said – if I were a selector, I wouldn’t pick Harbhajan Singh for the game, but not sure whether that is what the team management would do….I certainly hope that sanity prevails.

    Sehwag coming in for Bhajji (from my team) sounds like a good option.

  10. I have a feeling that BCCI wants to make a point with Harbhajan 3 test ban. So, I am assuming he would play. He is also getting the wicket of Ponting. If Ponting, Hayden and Hussey get going then Indian bowlers are in for a looooong day.

  11. I have written a post on the sydney test..and some aussie bloggers tried to spam it ! Just wanted to share my post with proves that the aussies are at it again..this time on the internet !

  12. Sehwag looks to be off color. I don’t think it will be good to try him out. I guess they can retain the same team with Just one change. Irfan in for Yuvi. Karthik seemed better than Sehwag today though he threw his wicket. I’m a big time Sehwag fan, but with no perfromances to back him, selecting him is giving an early wicket to aussies even before the game starts.

  13. He he 🙂 . He Proved me wrong by scoring an aggressive century from no where. Hope he takes a leaf out of Dada’s book and makes a wonderful comeback.

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