Umpiring goof-ups :: 2nd Test (Australia v India)

We all know what the score is… Even if you remove contentious LBW decisions from the equation, the video evidence presented here suggests that one team “was robbed” in Sydney. This video has been on YouTube for a long time and it has been played over and over on TV channels in India, I am sure. But we thought we would present it here for those of you who haven’t seen it…

— Mohan

11 responses to “Umpiring goof-ups :: 2nd Test (Australia v India)

  1. M Proctor is the one that should be suspended until the planned appeal hearing. He should be asked to explain the steps he took in his decision making.
    His belief that he knows racism, counts to zilch. It is totally patronising view that has been handed out to all the commonwealth nations by the erstwhile british regime!!

  2. I don’t know Procter is trying to say when he says “I know what racism is”. Is it becos he practised it day in and day out in his country?

    However, there is an appeals process to which I think we should wait.

  3. Now that the boys are on the bus, I’m sure the umps standing in the Canberra game will be taking a few deep breaths!

  4. I am in agreement with your readers’ about Mike Procter. I have never heard Mike Procter make any stand against racism before and his comment that he knows all about racism is pure hypocricy.

    This is not the first occasion when umpiring decisions have gone in favour of Australia, especially when they play at home. The Sri Lankans too were at the receiving end of bad umpiring decisions. Unfortunately I did not see this column or any one in India take notice of it, probably because it did not concern them.

    Mike Procter’s decision is not one based on evidence beyond reasonable doubt, especially when two of the witnesses interviewed by him said they did not hear anything. Mike Procter does not know the meaning of the phrase “beyond reasonable doubt”.

    The Aussies probably think that they have a divine right to win.

  5. I feel sorry for India getting some dud decisions. But they lack ticker, with a few exceptions (Tendulka and Laxman – Dravid fights but his run rate makes him harmless) .

    The worst thing an umpire can do is give a batsman out when is not out: that score was one each (Dravid and Ponting).

    The next worst thing is to give a batsman the benefit of the doubt when there was no doubt. Symonds (no doubt) and Hussey (some doubt). To their credit both went on to make big unbeaten centuries. To win a game you must take at least 20 wickets – sometimes you need to take 22 or 23 because of dud decisions. You just have to get them out again. India could not do this.

    One of the dud decisions was a stumping referred to 3rd up. It was probably out but the video was inconclusive (one frame symonds was out and bails partly dislodged, next frame he was in and bails fully dislodged. No way to tell which happened first. Not out is the correct call.)

    India should toughen up and win more. The fact is they folded like a deck of cards in the last over when they should have showed more fight. As another commenter has said on this site recently: “I pray for the day when Indian cricket can display as much fight ON the field as they do OFF the field”.

  6. @ Stephen :” fact is they folded like a deck of cards in the last over ”

    How / why they fold up is not the issue to be debated.How did the situation come about.There were 2 stupid decisions , both in favor of Australia .
    Both decisons by UMPIRES were due to Confident APPEALLING , the Ugly TRUTH is the players were CHEATING knowing fuly well that the Batsmen were not OUT.
    Dont be a hypocrite and come out with some simplistic statements like ONE EACH as Giving OUT when not OUT is WRONG.Ponting the cheat did not walk when he was out , so his Wicket can be JUSTIFIED on moral grounds.What crime did Dravid and Sourav commit.
    Symonds was a CHEAT who accepted that HE WAS OUT. He is the Prime accused and lets not go into how the bails came off and the angle of the camera’s.Everyone who has seen the replay have said clearly it was OUT and the Third UMPIRE who is a SCUM ruled NOT OUT.

  7. Hey Mohan, how’s things? I have resisted the temptation to get involved in cricket related “politics”, because I don’t believe it is in the “spirit of the game!”, however after consuming a couple of beers, I feel I need to add my two cents.
    Bad umpiring is bad umpiring and I don’t believe the umpires chosen for the last test were on the Australian payroll. Ricky Ponting and the Australian team are not cheats any more than Anil Kumble and the Indians are! Indian fans can nit-pick, winge, burn effigies and cry in their beers (or whatever the national drink is) until the sacred cows come home, but it wont change the outcome of the game and “that” is written in history!
    Racism is racism and I am certain both teams were put on notice prior to the beginning of the series, there would also have a formal procedure in place to deal with such, which would include captains and umpires, just like in the work place, all codes of football and any other sport played in this country.
    At the end of the day, India lost, Ponting and his team have won 16 on the trot and umpire Bucknor got the ass. Move on, play cricket or play politics!
    PS: Considering Kumble appeals for LBW after bowling every second ball; how many batsmen has he called back after bad umpiring decisions, does this make him and the Indian team cheats? I read a comment on this site comparing Kumbles’ impeccable profile, on and off the field to that of Punters’ and what a nice guy he was, well you know what they say about nice guys: “they come last!!

  8. @ROB-e
    When Injustice is meted out and its done shamelesly, we have no other way other than to burn effigies.
    If Ponting and company cant keep the spirit of game, why should we? Umpires too gave 11 wrong decisons. All went against India. Is it a coincidence? No wise person can believe that it was.
    And Yeah! Racism is racism, we Indians have faced a lot of Racism in South Africs pre-independence. We know what’s racism better than you.

    And Kumble aptly said that only one team played in true spirits. Did Aussies play that way! No! The pitched ball was termed out, the Aussies are cheat. This win at all costs will take them down.

    I think you unconscious in effect of beer, dunno what would happed if you take a wine. And you writing all craps in this state. May God give you wisdom

  9. thanks for info at umpiring vidio
    our whole family barracks for India for many years now
    please keep the blog going
    Australia still learning and our media is so one eyed
    regards lionel

  10. lbw used to be if going overwicked then not out

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