Racial abuse – a precedent

Trevor Chesterfield has quoted a precedent on the racial abuse front that happened about three years ago in the West Indies

But let us return to the monkey charges against Bhajji. When Dwayne Bravo filed a complaint against Graeme Smith for supposedly uttering a racist epithet in the fourth Test in Antigua three years ago, the case was not proved because nothing was picked up by the stump mikes or heard by the umpires. That left Bravo’s accusation against Smith’s denial. Result? No case to answer.


The Black Irishman

2 responses to “Racial abuse – a precedent

  1. Is it a general elections in a country that the ICC is going to conduct that it is estimating doubtfully “whether it will be before the third Test in Perth next week, or even before the series finishes”. Is ICC that poor economically!!

    Both the teams are in Australia, the commisioner is from NewZealand….who/which/what else is the logistic that is making ICC to estimate this long duration for completing the appeal process.

    Even a school kid would know that these are tactics to see that the tour completes undisrupted and then take up the appeal process.


  2. You are dead right.

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