Direct and hard-hitting article from Anil Kumble…

Anil Kumble has written this rather direct and hard-hitting article in his column in The Hindustan Times.

I’ll let you read it.

A strong start to the article is:

“I’d like to point out that someone clearly edged the ball to slips in the second innings of the Sydney Test, and stood there even when there was not an iota of doubt over the dismissal. He then claimed a catch that showed more than reasonable doubt and said he was 100 per cent certain it was clean”.

Apart from writing about the Harbhajan Singh racism issue, Anil Kumble provides an early indication that his pre-tour catch agreement with Ricky Ponting will be torn up. Kumble says, referring to the Michael Clarke catch-claim:

“At this point, a few days before the big Test at Perth, I can tell you that [the Michael Clarke catc-appeal] behaviour will play a big role in my decision on the continuation of the agreement that Ricky and I had made before the series began. We had decided that in the case of a disputed catch, we would take the word of the fielder concerned, if he was certain. But that agreement was based on the premise that come what may, whatever the situation, the fielder concerned would be completely straight on what happened. Now, there will obviously be a big question mark moving forward on that”.

Good read…

— Mohan


15 responses to “Direct and hard-hitting article from Anil Kumble…

  1. Kumble is failing to take into account Harbhajan Singh who has a history of being a sore loser:

  2. And a shit-stirrer to boot!

  3. ^^

    On that logic nobody should sent to rehab because if he has done it once, he is bound to do it again. History will tell you a lot of things about lots of players but, that should not be reason enough to attract censure.

    If we are all in to political correctness – he being racist because he said certain word, then at least lets be consisitent. Innocent till proven otherwise.

  4. A Very balanced article from Kumble that addresses the pre-match agreement (and the fact that it is toast…I am sure Kumble is aware that the aussies try to impose this crap on every team and to date no other team has agreed to it ).

    His words on the Bhaji incident are indeed telling and a sign of immense maturity. The clip from Rob-e is neither here nor there…Bhaji in this instance was under the impression (wrongly that similar to the Ian Healy cheating the bails were knocked off by the wicket keeper) perhaps.

    I hope that the Indian players clear their collective heads apply themselves hard and win in Perth. They have certainly shown in that past that they are capable of this.

    Most importantly, Kumble (in his article) has shown himself as an ambassador for his country more than can be said about pointing. He also subtly points out to all Indian cricketers that they have to represent themselves as ambassadors as well..Raj

  5. Why does BCCI / Sharad Pawar allow the Captain to write an article in the newspaper while D Vengsarkar , as a selector is not?

    A Kumble has said enough on the matter at the end of the second test. No need to air his thoughts publicly over and over again. ICC has appointed R Madugale to supervise discussions between the captains and the match referee. That is the place for any deals etc. A Kumble is guilty of keeping the flame alive.

  6. Raj Toronto, RE: “The clip from Rob-e is neither here nor there”, you have got to be joking, he looks like he is about to burst into tears because he got out!

  7. Pakistan want forfeited Test to be overturned

    Inzamam told BBC’s Urdu service that Pakistan should take a lead from the Indian board and push to change the result of the Oval Test. Inzamam was referring to the ICC’s decision to drop Steve Bucknor from the Perth Test between India and Australia after the BCCI complained over Bucknor’s umpiring in Sydney. Inzamam said the Pakistan board should pressurise the ICC because the ball tampering charges were eventually dropped. England won the series 3-0.

  8. Mark from Sydney

    Sampath I agree with you, this just seems to be fanning the flames. If the Indian team is so indignant perhaps they should cancel the tour.

    As for Harbhajan not walking, he just looks like a dill. He seems to have the demeanor of someone who has just realised his lunch money has been stolen.

  9. It is an interesting scenario – A person stands his ground hoping that the umpire would give him “not out” when he clearly knew he was out. Is that the honest thing to do? Is it cheating?? Maybe not. Surely there is no harm in protecting both your own cause and the team’s cause. After all, the umpires give you out sometimes when you aren’t and that evens things out…(that is how most people justify their reason to stand their ground).

    It is just not Clarke who stood his ground – Symonds did. So did Hussey and even the Australian captain – Ricky Ponting. And in their cases, the umpires did not give them out. Apart from Gilchrist nobody in the Australian team walks –In fact most people around the world don’t.

    Now, the same person who does not walk claims a catch and says “Trust me, I took the catch”. Would you believe him? Wouldn’t the same reason of protecting one’s own cause and the team’s cause also apply here? This is what makes Kumble’s agreement with Ponting about accepting the fielder’s word on a catch illogical and down right silly.

    Maybe Kumble read too much in to the spirit of the game and all that. He must have now come to the conculsion that the only spirit in the Cricket oval these days is the alcohol variety consumed by the crowd…

  10. @Mark

    I see nothing wrong in Kumble writing a piece or two. He is contracted by HTCricket to write for them. Andrew Symonds writes. Ponting writes — and indeed, wrote about this whole incident in his column in The Australian.

    Sampath is, I suspect, talking about the inconsistencies in BCCI rules — one rule for selectors and another for players.

    And talking about “fanning flames”, just hours after this article was published, Ponting spoke on Channel-9 about the appropriateness, in his view, of his actions.

    This is a free worls. If you don’t like what Kumble writes, don’t read it.

    And talking of dills and stolen lunches who stand around, waiting for the umpires decision, the Australian team is suddenly looking quite sickly. Lots of stolen lunches perhaps? Or just a bunch of dills?

    There are no saints and high-pedestals in all of these. Only fools rush to claim them.

    — Mohan

  11. Mark from Sydney

    Mohan, point taken. On Kumble I just made it as an observation. Yes, I admit I did write that with mild anger. However in order to dislike/like what Kumble writes I would have to read it.

    As for Mr Ponting I didn’t see it and quite frankly wouldn’t be that interested. I think he is out of his depth at the moment. I have a higher regard for Anil Kumble…perhaps I was expecting him to be more of a peacemaker. I think I am beginning to understand the level and depth of that indignation.

    As for HS being a dill, now come on you can’t tell me that afew of his team mates didn’t give him a bit of a ribbing about that! The lunch money was about him saying “F#% Off” to Pieterson. Who didn’t really help things by acting like a four year old who thinks he is an aeroplane.

    As for my beloved (sic) Aussies. The term dill infers childish silliness and even a touch of innocence. Their is nothing childlike or silly in the way the Australians have behaved. They are are are not “suddenly looking quite sickly” either, they have been like this for some time.

    Cheers Mark.

  12. @ Mark

    Fair comment… I guess we should let the 22 dills get on with it in Perth then, hey?

  13. Mark from Sydney


    Yes and I hope Harbhajan improves his cartwheeling technique. His effort in Sydney was pretty ordinary.

    This reminds me of a saying you might have heard of. It goes like this:

    If you put a monkey in front of a typewriter you will eventually end up with Shakespeare. Do you think if we put 22 “dills” on a cricket pitch we might eventually end up with a game of cricket?

  14. @Mark – OMG! You used the M-word !!!

    I hope it doesn’t offend anyone 😉

  15. Unfortunately Mark you will now be taken into a dark room and beaten black and blue for having used the m word with reference to Australian cricket (22 dills which include 11 Aussie dills ;-)). Ricky pointing has his antenna up and has dispatched the M police. watch out for the rubber gloves Mark!!!

    Bottom line the Aussies are indeed smart…they choose the folks to goad…Tendulkar, Laxman Dravid Kumble etc have a good Teflon coating…in their game plan they have Bhaji in their sights…and maybe Ganguly because he will not stand quietly either. I am surprised that with all the careful planning Symonds was not wired with a mike as he started the goading of Bhaji…maybe he forgot to turn on the mike? maybe a monkey can….”hold on …” sorry I hear a police baton knocking on the door

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