Daily Archives: 14 January 2008

Across the Nullarbor ….

Lets move on to Perth. There are a lot of points to ponder.

The Pitch: Going by the Oz – NZ Twenty/20 clash and a host of other reports, it looks like the WACA pitch is back to its bouncy best. I guess we can expect a bowling dominated low-scoring match!

Oz: A possible change at the top with Hayden fighting for fitness and Tait almost certainly a shoe-in for the opening bowling spot. I can almost smell (Indian) blood 🙂

Ind: Lots of possibilities. Will Ind go for for aggressive Sehwag? Given the lacklustre effort from the two Singhs in Canberra, Pathan is a near certainity, probably replacing Yuvraj Singh. Will Bajji play? Hope not. This pitch is not for spinners according to Rogers, the likely replacement for Hayden

Expectation : Oz ..around Tea on Day 3 leaving the weekend free for …..

 The Black Irishman