Across the Nullarbor ….

Lets move on to Perth. There are a lot of points to ponder.

The Pitch: Going by the Oz – NZ Twenty/20 clash and a host of other reports, it looks like the WACA pitch is back to its bouncy best. I guess we can expect a bowling dominated low-scoring match!

Oz: A possible change at the top with Hayden fighting for fitness and Tait almost certainly a shoe-in for the opening bowling spot. I can almost smell (Indian) blood 🙂

Ind: Lots of possibilities. Will Ind go for for aggressive Sehwag? Given the lacklustre effort from the two Singhs in Canberra, Pathan is a near certainity, probably replacing Yuvraj Singh. Will Bajji play? Hope not. This pitch is not for spinners according to Rogers, the likely replacement for Hayden

Expectation : Oz ..around Tea on Day 3 leaving the weekend free for …..

 The Black Irishman

7 responses to “Across the Nullarbor ….

  1. i kind of agree with you. i think india will be much closer to 0-4 than 2-2 by the end of this match. All the episode with makes me suspect that BCCI along with CA stage managed this controversy to improve viewership since it would’ve been a dull match

  2. There is no possibility India will pull out of their tour of Australia even if Harbhajan Singh’s three-Test suspension is not lifted, according to the BCCI president Sharad Pawar.The board has given Pawar the sole authority to cancel the rest of the trip and earlier comments attributed to Pawar indicated he may use that power if he was not satisfied with the result of Harbhajan’s appeal:

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  4. Srikanth Mangalam

    What are the chances that Saurav Ganguly (down with a fever) will play on the Perth pitch?

  5. Wish Indians can spring a Miracle out of
    nowhere 🙂

  6. Who do you think will sit out, they cant ask Sehwag to warm the benches and Karthik has done well too, in this practice match. I think it wont be a cardinal sin if they asked Yuvraj and Jaffer to sit this one out.

  7. theblackirishman

    I am sure someone will develop a ‘convenient’ injury :). Also, Ganguly is down with a fever and apparently is in doubt

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