Hail to the Chief!

Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself here.

Nevertheless, is it in Anil Kumble’s destiny to be remembered as a transformational leader? 

For, his act in withdrawing the charge against Brad Hogg, among other things, demonstrates a generosity of spirit that will not be lost on Australia and indeed the Cricketing world. I hope it is the Tipping Point that stems the seemingly irreversible flow towards boorishness by all, including otherwise pacific cricketing nations like India and Sri Lanka.

Had Kumble been bloody-minded about it and pursued the charge, and as seems to be the consensus, Hogg had been rubbed out for four, you’d think the chances of the latter making it back would be severely diminished.

This gesture is, in part, considerate of the fact that a co-professional has just broken into the Aussie squad at age 36, thus precluding a long and distinguished career. Let’s let him live the dream for as long as it runs.

Predictably, those unable to see the larger picture have tended to be cynical. In other words, they’re accusing Kumble of engineering a quid pro quo; we’re withdrawing the Hogg charge, you drop the Harbhajan one.

I will take refuge in the time honoured mechanism of scorn by writing that I won’t dignify that with a response.

 Irrespective of the outcome of the Test Series, I foresee Kumble departing these shores to approbation and applause. He has brought true meaning to the term Captain, and just as GR Viswanath will always be remembered for recalling Bob Taylor despite being given out by the umpire, Kumble’s act of statesmanship will now be ingrained in the rich lore of the game.

On a flippant note, now that we are done naming traffic circles after him, what’s next? Ambassadorship to the UN?



One response to “Hail to the Chief!

  1. I am not being cynical–but realistic

    Kumble saw the writing on the wall
    The case against Hogg is weak as the proverbial PISS
    If the charge had gone ahead and was thrown out, there would have been extra or added pressure on the Indians on the field
    but then ICC is also very weak—for sacking Bucknor due to a pathetic demand from the losers—same as it did with D Hair when pakis squealed for D hair following the laws set by the playing countries. It was Kumble and Ponting that should have been punished for having a deal on catches, M Procter going along with this and instructing the Umpires to go along with it. Now Kumble and ganguly are squeaking !!!! Umpires did what they were told by the captains and the two captains–ie totally ignore the laws of cricket ie benefit of doubt goes to the batsnman

    The new requirement to be an Umpire will be not just deaf, blind and dumb–but an EUNUCH as well!!!!

    ICC keeps changing the rules and playing conditions, totally ignoring the LAWS of the game.
    Bastard is a term of endearment in most parts of the world’Ed Hillary referred to Mt Everest as the bastard nearly 50 years ago–no one was offened–but if he had said it now, there would be effigies and NZ flags burnt all over the sub continent!!!

    For having weak spine and not going ahead with the charge and doing a 3600 degree turn, Kumble is suitable to be a leader of any of the 1000 politiccal parties in India–that do deals day in and day out.

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