The Ultimate test

Here we are….just a few hours to go. I can barely wait for the exchanges to begin.

This has to be the ultimate test for the Indiain team. The famed WACA wicket restored to its former glory (I saw the Twenty/20 match against the kiwis. That was something again watching Lee & Tait rip into the Kiwis!). Both Lee & Tait primed to go. The Indians have been written off by one and all.

However (without drawing any reference to Kolkatta 2001 :)), here is a chance for the Indians to make a statement. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is good to see they have taken a couple of steps in the right direction by opening with Sehwag and strengthening the pace attack (according to Cricinfo).

If the openers can hang in and take the shine off the ball, the middle order might have a chance to showcase its skills. Sehwag, for once, can forget about footwork and play his strokes, specially with the horizontal bat.

For RP Singh & Co, here is a heaven sent opportunity to bowl on a responsive wicket. Ishant Sharma is not going to get a friendlier surface to ply his trade. They also have a relatively inexperienced oz opening pair! Lots of areas to cash in on if they put their minds to it.

For oz, of course, it is a matter of stick them in, let Lee & Tait loose, wrap up the first innings for around 150 by Tea. Then put up a decent score. Follow up with another pace triggered Indian batting collapse. But if Sehwag gets stuck and Tait starts to spray the ball around, there is always the ever reliable Clark to bang it from his 6′ 6″ 🙂

Oh! for a (hopefully) great contest!!

The Black Irishman


3 responses to “The Ultimate test

  1. IT was heartening to see the WACA crowd stand up and applaud when Sachin walked in. Didn’t expect that but it showed me how much the Australian crowds respect him.

  2. Sachin is one of the games greats. I think all (most?) Australians recognise that. Similar ovations when Lara was on his last tour here.

    How come this site has no comments on yesterday’s umpiring? Sachin was plum LBW to Symonds on 49. And then given out later when it clearly was too high. Dravid was plum to Johnson.
    All part of the game.

  3. Stephen,
    As I note, marginal decisions on lbw are not seriously discussed as technology is still unclear on the issue.
    It is the blatant ones concerned with catches (Symonds, Dravid and Ganguly, for example) that sparked great controversy.

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