Reversal of roles…

This was supposed to be the wicket where India would struggle and Australia would win in 3 days. That is what everyone had us believe. Instead, at the end of Day 2 at the WACA, we have India on top with a lead of 170 runs, with 9 wickets still remaining (it could have been 10 – had Jaffer not played that stroke in the penultimate over of the day)

You could actually be excused for thinking that it was the other way around – Australia had scored 330 in the first innings and India was all out for 212. But, no! It was the Aussies who seemed to struggle against the bounce and just lasted 50 overs against a largely inexperienced bowling attack.

The Indians started out quite well yesterday, but basically handed the momentum to the Aussies in the last session of play yesterday.  When India were all out for 330 this morning, I thought they were at least 70 runs short of a decent 1st innings score on a pitch where they weren’t expected to score high. The bowlers swung the momentum back India’s way.

It is going to be an interesting day’s play tomorrow and would be nice if India capitalize on the lead they already have and build on it. Although India is on top at the moment, the game is far from over – one bad session for India and Australia will be back in the game.

I think players from both camps realize that. As they say it aint over till the fat lady sings…


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