Ruffians and Angels…

This was a terrific win by India in Perth. As Mahesh said, this was an inspirational win.

Sunil Gavaskar, in his post-match, called it the “biggest win by Team India ever!”Now that’s a huge call to make!

Angels replace thugs:

This win just showed to me what can happen to a champion team when the common-ruffian and the street-hoon is removed from an Australian cricketer. Here were 11 terrific cricketers playing against a bunch of committed Indians who had a point or two to prove. But unlike previous efforts from these champion cricketers, the thug was replaced by the angel. The Australian players were on a best-behaviour notice. The whole of Australia had spoken. They did not like the hoons that they were getting to see regularly in cricket matches. The angels, who replaced the hoons in the bodies of the Australians were almost on even-keel with the Indians. Soon, Australia crumbled to an embarrassing loss on a wicket that suited Australia’s style of play.


This was a huge victory for India after the serious morale-busting loss in Sydney. The team had been through a lot in Sydney. The aftermath was globally embarrassing. The spotlight was constantly on the Indians. Opinions were being expressed by everyone. The team spirit that was on view right through the week was nothing short of sensational.

But the Indians rose above that and were helped by the sportsmen that they faced. The thugs were locked away. India won.

17th win:

In an amazing coincidence, the last time they went for a 17th consecutive win, India stopped Australia in its tracks. So also here at Perth. India won the 17th match and denied Ricky Ponting the 17th that he so badly wanted.

What a start by Kirsten!

And what a brilliant start for Gary Kirsten! This was his first match with the Indian team — and he was at Perth just as an observer! And India won. Hope this points to a better future for the prospects of the Indian team under Gary Kirsten!

Test ranking:

India now have a chance of climbing to 2nd spot on the ICC Test Rankings – India was 3rd on th table on 2 January.


Finally, it was nice to see Mike Proctor finally fine the Australian team for slow over rates in this match. In my opinion, he ought to have done it in Melbourne and in Sydney too.

Now the show moves to Adelaide and then the ODI circus. Early news is that Ganguly and Dravid have been dropped from the ODI team — we may see them retire from the ODI scene soon.

6 responses to “Ruffians and Angels…

  1. What a victory. I’m looking forward to going into work on Monday!

    THis is the best possible proof for the fact that a team that lifts as one is capable of greater results than the individual sum of its component parts.

    Well done!

  2. Hhi guys,

    With a win, let us not just get carried away re team spirit. When Shewag took the wicket –that of B Lee, the body language, lip movement, facial anger etc of Kumble towards ganguly was anything but complementary and team spirit. Either Ganguly wanted to bowl instead of Ganguly and Kumble overruled that and / or or Dhadha was back to his old tricks of staying in 5 star hotels while the bachchas have to stay in youth hostels!!

  3. That should be Ganguly instead of Shewag

  4. Calling the Australian players “common-ruffians, street-hoons & thugs” is apalling. Who have they roughed up? What hoonish behaviour have they engaged in? How have they behaved like thugs?

    Once again your credibility is undone by applying such labels to fine young men. Who are you to insult others so unjustly?

    “The whole of Australia had spoken” … yeah, you’d know that from over there! Geezus, what a pompous post.

  5. Jeepers.

    Is this a review of a cricket match or the “Return of the Jedi” with the Australian’s representing the “Empire”?

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