Harbhajan Singh cleared of racism charge

The charge of racist abuse against Harbhajan Singh has been lifted. The Indian off spinner has been, instead, charged with abuse, which is only a level-2 charge. This invites a fine rather than a level-3 charge.

Harbhajan Singh was duly fined 50 per cent of his match fees for the Sydney Test by New Zealand judge John Hansen, the ICC-appointed commissioner who was hearing the appeal against Mike Procter’s earlier verdict.

It appears that Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting had written a joint letter to John Hansen asking that the charges against Harbhajan Singh be reduced to a lesser level charge.

This was a workable solution struck between Craigh O’Connor, Cricket Australia Chairman, BCCI officialdoms’ I. S. Bhindra and the two teams! Australia had wanted that Harbhajan Singh not be totally let off. India would not accept a racism charge against its player. Sachin Tendulkar continued to maintain that his co-batsman at the time had not said anything racist to Andrew Symonds. Cricket Australia wanted the tour to continue. BCCI wanted the tour to continue. The players wanted to play cricket. The ICC wanted an end to the controversy.

Now everyone is happy. The credits can roll…

— Mohan

25 responses to “Harbhajan Singh cleared of racism charge

  1. I am not very happy. Worst decision since OJ Simpson.

  2. This is a ridiculous ruling. Its a slap in the face to all those who thought this was genuinely about individual honor or racism.

    If it was possible, Mike Procter looks even sillier now than he would have had Harbhajan Singh been completely exonerated.

  3. So what did he say?
    Time to move on, but remember the saying “Money Talks”.
    Cant wait for the BCCI to run the game completely. RIP Cricket

  4. The decision was announced in India by the BCCI before the judge had actually delivered the verdict. Um….HUH???

    So did Harbhajan say it or not? Is it ok to call him a Monkey?

  5. Yeah JB, it was strange how it was in the Indian Times before even the ABC (or Cricklet Australia for that matter) could confirm it. It sounds like they knew the outcome before the appeal had finished. A sad day for cricket and racism in sport.

  6. It was strange how the decision was published in the Indian Times before the ABC (or even Cricket Australia) could confirm it. It sounds like they knew the outcome going in.

  7. @JB I do not think it is ok to call anyone a monkey. Period. And I don’t know how you arrived at the information that the decision was announced in India before the verdict was delivered?

    Justice Hansen said he was convinced that, “on all the evidence submitted before him, the charge of a Level 3.3 offence was not proven but that Harbhajan should be charged with a Level 2.8 offence instead.”

    We can interpret this in many ways: (a) the players did not want to press charges, (b) money talks, (c) there was no real evidence for this to stand legal scrutiny, (d) a Hogg-for-Harbhajan deal was struck.

    Did Harbhajan Singh call anyone a monkey? We will never know. But on the balance of evidence, we will have to agree that he is innocent, because he has not been proven guilty.

    @ Karthikeya: Given that Hansen has chucked out the racism charge for lack of evidence, Mike Proctor’s verdict does wear a bit thin. Oh well…

    — Mohan

  8. I reckon Harbhajan said it. And I reckon Harbhajan is a coward. And I reckon that if the BCCI put pressure on the ICC for this decision to be reached, then cricket as I know and love it is changed forever. And I will hold the BCCI responsible. (not that that means anything in practice).

    That’s my view.

    Like the blog.

  9. @JB

    We can get angry. We can jump up and down. As Karthikeya says, this is a slap in the face for both individual honour as well as racism. The ICC, in my view, bungled by letting novices run legal proceedings. I do hope that they get the ICC-house in order first.

    What Hansen’s ruling says is that there wasn’t any evidence make a racism charge to stick. All of us knew that… except Proctor that is!

    — Mohan

  10. Who is getting angry? And while on the subject, who was doing the jumping up and down and getting angry when the first verdict occured? You won’t see that from an Aussie.

    Evidence is one thing. But I beleive that Harbhajan is not being truthful. If he admitted it, then evidence isn’t required.

    That’s why I call him a coward.

    Now you may take the view he didn’t say it. I take the view he did.

  11. Mohan, the decision WAS announced in India before the verdict was delivered. Our media are not so slow that they would be running around half an hour after India had published the result still not knowing anything official themselves if it were all above board.

    Besides, the BCCI had said in advance what the outcome MUST be. It’s easy to be selective about the two ‘independent’ decisions, but at least Procter’s decision was not published before he gave it.

  12. Mohan,

    Lets face it the

    BCCI are the New K Packer, lets hope the legacy is repeated.
    Sorry I forgot KP didnt believe in Alien abductions & the almighty influence of the Free Masons. God help this game its in now in the hands of Indian Pols and bigots.

  13. @JB, I was angry because natural justice wasn’t served initially by a naive judge who ran a Kangaroo court! I do not “take the view that he did not say it”. I take the view that we will never know whether he did say it or not and that on the basis of lack of evidence the charges were thrown out. Innocent until proven guilty.

    @raydixon, I was following most stories on this issue. Consistently Indian media broke the news before Aussie media. The best ones are NDTV and TimesNow. They have scores of people here. If you didn’t know already, cricket is BIG news in India 🙂

    — Mohan

  14. Mohan,

    Ok – lets go the legal front. There is a word for not being truthful in court. It’s called perjury.

    In relation to the media – it was announced in India before the trial had ended.

  15. Was Lehman given natural justice for venting his splean in the confines of his own changing room? He at least took his licks like a man an d didnt gibe us some hocus pocus story about a wrong turn of phrase.
    H Singh goes down in history as a liar.
    No talk of in the hearing of him being mistaken for what he said.
    Somethings rotten in Denmark.

  16. @JB:

    And your proof for Harbhajan Singh having commited perjury is?

  17. Mohan,

    The man cant lie straight in bed, enough said.
    Jeez man youre a card carrying apologist for the wronged.

  18. Have you seen the transcript? It is clear that the Aussies are convinced in what they heard. Added to this is Harbhajan ‘s record.

    Now this is not “proof”” or “evidence”, but if it looks like shit, smells like shit and you just stepped in it, you can be pretty sure of what you have found.

    That’s why I say that Harbhajan committed perjury.

  19. JB,

    You forgot it taste like shit.
    Lets get use to that nutty flavour, its been served in table spoons to us this summer & it aint going to stop.

  20. I’m going on a diet.

  21. What Hansen’s ruling says is that there wasn’t any evidence make a racism charge to stick.

    No, what it says is, a ‘deal’ was done after the BCCI demanded it be done. Otherwise ‘”we won’t play with you and your players won’t be coming here to play in our new big money series”. It was a sell out by both sides.

    I have to agree with JB though, Harbhajan did not have the moral fibre and courage to admit he said it and take his punishment like a man. Shameful.

  22. “It is clear that the Aussies are convinced in what they heard. Added to this is Harbhajan ’s record.”… come on mohan as the guy says indians are racist aussie are the pure bred honest good guys.
    if they he said then you have to take that word..thats afterall western democracy..forgot haneef..

  23. Ray, JB

    I know you can’t take it. neither could you swallow the perth defeat either. I didn’t see you commenting anywhere around then.

    I was sure the moment the verdict gets announced, you will come running to Mohan’s blog and try to make a point there.
    you are just basically being a fundamentalist here and don’t think you have any connection to the to the sport.
    you have the right to do so..for sure 🙂

    So cool your heels buddy.. Ozs are an excellent cricket team and I love the way they play, that doesn’t mean they should always win on and off the field. learn to accept defeats my friend..

    God Bless you

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