Sehwag – Future Test Captain?

The re-emergence of Virendar Sehwag is a great sign for India. His performance at Perth and and an amazing century in the second innings at Adelaide and the manner in which he got it are strong indications that he is here stay the course. His astute advice on the field, especially his masterstroke advice to Kumble to continuing bowling Ishant Sharma at Perth, and his ability to pick wickets at crucial juncture make him a valuable player once again. With Dhoni’s up and down form in the test arena, at least as far as his batting goes, could this mean that Sehwag may be the better candidate to don the captain’s role after Kumble’s stint? I would certainly consider him as a strong candidate.

– Srikanth


12 responses to “Sehwag – Future Test Captain?

  1. I wish they had gone with Karthik as the opening batsman and wicket keeper.

  2. @gnbmdr:

    Absolutely agree, because Karthik has a poonal and wears vibhoothi. Ideal tools for any opener. Who needs a bat? Who needs TO bat? Have poonal? Should open. Have poonal and from Mylapore? Should captain.

  3. Raghavan = = Sampath Kumar ha ha ha 🙂

  4. I think contrary to his usual style of slashing the bat on outgoing balls, Viru, for once, has stood patiently and selected the shots to score his runs. His attitude to stick on to the wicket for as long as needed is a positive sign and being Delhi captain, he should be able to transform into the national arena. I think his selection to captaincy after Kumble will be worth a gamble.

  5. Is Raghavan / Sampath Kumar choosing names typical of people with poonal and naamam to establish the “objectivity” of his opinions? Raghavan /Sam Kumar is not 60 as he claims in one of his earlier posts but his immaturity suggests he is probably 16.

  6. @Srikanth, @Bala

    I am not sure I’d agree with Sehwag as future captain. Dhoni is the annointed one and should be persisted with. Let’s not forget that Dhoni too did exactly this in Lords’ less than a year back and saved a Test match for India!

    It was certainly good to see Sehwag bat with tremendous application. Sehwag has not been a 2nd innings player in the past. The fact that he put his head down in this all important 2nd innings is certainly good for Indian cricket. As Peter Roebuck says in his article this morning, the fact that Sehwag and Lee were the battlers on that last day bodes well for both countries as the seniors say goodbye in both teams.


  7. hello,

    In this series, Dhoni was not successful as a batsman. To accommodate Yuvraj or the fifth bowler, India had uncomfortable opening batsmen either Rahul Dravid or Irfan Pathan. Karthick would have solved that problem. That was my point.

  8. While I would not like to take credit away from a wonderful innings, one needs to keep in mind the fact that Virendra Sehwag would have been back at the pavillion with the score reading 2-2, had his catch been taken.
    However, its my humble opinion that Asian teams are better off with bowling captains than batting captains. Reason being, the form of a bowler is much more difficult to comprehend and judge, in comparison to the form of a batsman. Asian fan clubs are generally mercurial in nature and tend to be swayed by the form of a player as a criteria for continuation at the leadership role. In fact, historically, some of the best asian captains have been either bowlers or all-rounders, as in Kapil Dev and Imran Khan, to name a few. On the contrary, some of the most miserable captaincy tenures have been from batsmen such as Sachin Tendulkar. Even Saurav Ganguly’s and Mohammed Azaruddin’s captaincy were always in judgement dictated by their personal batting form.
    Also, the Asian Psyche has a perverted drive to to arrest anything that is exceptionally good or pleasing to the senses. This applies to our citizens viewing progress with suspicion where its found in abundance, and demanding vehemently for the very same progress in other areas where there is dearth of the same. This mentality is also extended in the cricketing field, where we want Dravid, a naturally conservative and steady player, to adopt a more aggressive and flashy role. While to the contrary, we want to do the exact opposite to Virendra Sehwag. Sehwag’s greatest strength is his free-form style of batting where his committment might appear to be extermely casual on one day and daring on another day. I am not so sure the Indian public takes its cricket that lightly to digest his vagaries of success, and hence I conclude that he is not suitable for Indian captaincy.

  9. @gnbmdr

    In a thread on the future of Sehwag as captain, a plug for Karthik did, I must say, seem odd!

    Be that as it may, I don’t think a wicketkeeper-opener is a good idea at all. I actually think Dhoni did ok in this series.

    Interestingly, let us compare Dhoni and Gilchrist in this series.

    Dhoni played 4 Tests, 8 innings for a total of 141 and an average of 17.62 having faced 376 balls!

    Gilchrist played 4, 7 innings for a total of 150 runs and an average of 21.42, having faced 214 balls!

    The difference is not huge.

    However, I say that Dhoni did ok because he faced 376 balls! This experience will stand him in good stead. He was in situations wherein he had to guts it out almost all the time. His no-shot in Sydney apart, I think he is the long term hope for India as both keeper-batsman and captain.

    Ganguly, incidentally faced 3 fewer balls in this series than Dhoni did (for an average that is nearly 12 points higher) while Kumble faced nearly 100 balls more than Dhoni (for an average slightly higher than Ganguly’s!).

    There is no evidence to suggest Karthik would have done better (or worse), however, I do think that an opener-keeper is a terrible idea.

    — Mohan

  10. Steve Waugh has tipped Sehwag as India’s next Test Captain in his article in the Daily Telegraph, by the way!

  11. Sehwag as the next captain is not big news IMHO. Sehwag was the captain-in-waiting until his form dipped in tests and plummetted in ODIs last year which led to his dropping from both teams. In fact, Sehwag led reasonably well in the few ODIs and the one test that he actually captained the team.

  12. yes i agree that sehwag would be the next captain because Dhoni was not proven better batsman away from india but sehwag proved his batting all over the world against all teams.

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