Test series wrap up

Here is my summary of the 4-match series…..



  1. Brett Lee – He is bowling the best I have ever seen. In my view he is the best bowler in the world at present – Probably the single biggest difference between the two sides
  2. Matthew Hayden – His batting, specially against India is just awesome – his absence was telling in Perth
  3. Stuart Clark – Started off in McGrath-esque style but tailed off towards the end of the series


  1. Lack of a genuine spinning option – This could really hurt in places like SL, Ind and against the English & Souh Africans 
  2. Shaun Tait’s inability to perform in favourable conditions
  3. Batting against sustained swing bowling
  4. For a team that prides itself on aggression and always on the lookout for a win, both the over rate and the scoring rate while batting were not upto to their usual high standards
  5. Catching was well below par



  1. The re-emergence of Virender Sehwag and possibly, Irfan Pathan
  2. Ishant Sharma – A rare breed of Indian paceman that is not reliant on swing but pace, bounce and the ability to bowl long spells
  3. An ability to sustain (relatively) high energy levels in the field for 3 test matches in a row


  1. The abject failure of Wasim Jaffer and Yuvraj Singh against top quality fast bowling
  2. Rahul Dravid’s continued mortality
  3. Harbhajan Singh was (again) woefully short of expectations. He was consistently outbowled by Virender Sehwag and Andrew Symonds in the last two matches.
  4. The bastmen’s (specially the seniors) well recognized inability to retain focus when fighting for a draw. This was evident on the last day at both Sydney and Perth.
  5. The standards of ground fielding seem to have (I know this seemed impossible 🙂 ) dropped further

From an Indian perspective, their poor performance on the last day in Sydney, when they could not bat out two sessions, came back (quit justifiably) to haunt them. I would have loved to see Australia’s batting response in Adelaide had the series been level and they had to go for a win.

 The Black Irishman

7 responses to “Test series wrap up

  1. My wrap up.

    1. Oz bully on the pitch, because they can win.

    1. India bully off the pitch, because they can win.

    Result, who knows, but I bet my kids will start playing baseball next season.
    Let the Sub Cont have the bloody game, they are like a bunch of teenagers that have found a patch of pubic hair and want to flex a bit of muscle.
    Sorry Mohan but “IT’S” wearing a bit thin.

    Why cant we all agree?

    Dont we need a governing body that can actually smack some bum and get this game to where it should be? The summer equal of Football as appossed to just a football?

  2. To the list of Indian pluses I would add Kumble’s captaincy. It is a pity he was handed the reins so late.

    He seemed to run his own show, took decisions that flew in the face of popular opinion, and was, IMHO, the only one to emerge from the battle of Sydney with his reputation enhanced.

  3. @CantRemember

    What is wearing thin?

    One of the problems with this whole mess was that the ICC had an incompetent bunch of people running the game in Sydney. Yes, it resulted in posturing and muscle-flexing. But let us not forget that the ICC had a role here. And yes, I can’t wait for the day when cricket is run by a body that is different to the United Nations.

  4. Paddy

    Good summary. I do believe that another plus for India is that there seems to be a clutch of pace bowling options. I was reading an interview by one of the selectors — and Ravi Shastri has seconded this view in his CricInfo interview yesterday — that India has a strategy whereby they are going to try and keep bowlers like Zaheer Khan, Munaf Patel, Sree Santh, R. P. Singh, Ishant Sharma, Irfan Pathan, V. R. V. Singh, Pankaj Singh, Praveen Kumar, Ranadeb Bose and Ajit Agarkar in match-ready mode. That’s nearly 11 bowlers! They feel that although bowlers will breakdown from time to time, they will have others (like Ishant Sharma did in Sydney) who can step in and hit the ground running.

    Good thinking.

    The negative is that the spin bench-options look weak.

    Who’d have thought?

    — Mohan
    A negative

  5. Mohan,
    Your response says it all.
    What is wearing thin?
    Your lot just do’nt get it.
    It’s the “Tide is turning” clap trap we get.
    What the Indian team whine about they delve in themselves.
    Jeez youre a saintly lot.
    Sorry I forgot about the Christian Missionary Families that get burnt by Nationalist Hindus from time to time.
    Come to think of it cant recall ever seeing anyone in Oz being killed just become they’ve decided to become Hindu in Oz.
    Must be the Convict in me but us moral low lives say “Live at let live! Its a shame that Hindu Nationalist dont get the message!!!

  6. BlackIrishman,

    I disagree with some of the points in your analysis.

    Pluses for India in my rank order would be:

    1. Ishant Sharma – this guy has good pace and is able to beat Ponting – that is something. Very good find.

    2. Reemergence of Sehwag for his controlled batting and bowling at Adelaide –

    3. Irfan Pathan – I think he would be effective only in helpful conditions – Australia or England. In Indian wickets, he will be hit all over the park.

    4. What about the much maligned – VVS ? This guy has been systematically reduced.

    His innings at Sydney was a classic – In this series, he was the first Indian batsman, who showed that Indian batsmen can also dominate the Australia bowling.

    Minuses –

    I would not put Rahul Dravid as a failure. His 93 at Perth was one of the factors in winning the match.

    Ganguly, Yuvraj, Jaffer and Dhoni failed with bat .

    IMHO, Jaffer will be very good on placid Indian wickets, but not on good wickets.

    To accommodate Yuvraj, Dravid was asked to sacrifice his spot – which was silly.

    Harbhajan was ineffective after the “racism” charge. We need to try some new options for spin bowling.

  7. @gnbmdr

    Pathan’s recovery commenced in the Pakistan series. He bowled excellently on unhelpful conditions. And he certainly wasn’t “hit all over the park”. Where and how you form your views? Just curious.

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