A good laugh…

This is a terrific interview with one of the BCCI people that are running the game in India! The incoherence of thought and words is awesome! I’d like to think that one would need to work extremely hard to come across as so jumbled! He seems to have elevated incoherence to an art form! In the midst of the sordidness that surrounds Monkeygate, you should read this for a laugh and a head-shake in sheer wonderment!

— Mohan

6 responses to “A good laugh…

  1. Mohan,

    What would be even more fun is if one involves Niranjan Shah and Jayawant Lele in a debate. That would be a match made in heaven and I look forward to the day when some TV anchor brings them both to the table.

  2. theblackirishman

    A gr8 laugh! However, the sobering thought is….this is Cricket Admin in India 😦

  3. A reporter friend asked Niranjan Shah when he was in Melbourne for the first test about when Indian cricket would be run by a professional management team a la the Aussies.

    And Shah said..”yes, yes, we want a CEO too. We want to ensure he reports to me and Pawar-ji.”

    And our reporter was dumbfounded..he wanted to ask, but didnt…what the point was of a CEO-in-name with no powers whatsoever but conceivably the fall guy for when things go wrong?

    BTW, the structure of Cricket Oz as I understand it is that James Sutherland, CEO of CA, reports to the board chaired by Creagh O’Connor. The board is broadly represented by the major states and includes worthies like Mark Taylor and Allan Border etc.

    However, Sutherland has quite a free hand in the running of CA. We haven’t heard of him running to the board for every small decision.

    Contrast this with Shah’s proposal of having a dummy in place with no power whatsoever.

  4. “We like to be a test winning country and not a one-day winning country”

    umm, surely the idea you want to win in both forms of the game. It is a mistake to look at them as two completely different things, but my favourite comments were about resting players…whether they wanted to or not, unless it is Tendulkar, if he wants a rest…. sounds slightly disorganised. My respect for the Indian team has just leapt, if that is what they have to deal with in administration…

  5. Mohan,

    When this was posted I read the interview. didn’t understand it.

    Thinking I was a bit thick I left it for a while then came back to it.

    I’ve probably read the interview about 10 times now over about a week.

    I still haven’y got a clue what the dude was saying.

    You’re an intelligent bloke. Please put me out of my misery & translate it if possible.

    Either that or he must be Sep Blatters love child

    Don’t feel too disheartened about having administrators like that. Check out the old ACB administrators(not saying the present are perfect tho’). The game will survive it.

  6. I don’t get it either, I have read it 4 times and i usualy get things quickly.

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