i3j3Cricket is One year old!

Yes, we hit the one year mark 2 days back (29 January 2008). From the time the first post was written here, it has been a fun ride. We have all had heaps of enjoyment, frivolousness, serious debate, arguments and roller-coaster rides — in terms of Team India performances!

But most of all, it is fair to say that it has been a fun and enjoyable journey for all i3j3Cricket’s Contributors.

In this year, we have seen a total of 605 posts.

Thank you to all of you that take the time to visit regularly. A special thank you to all of you that take the trouble to comment or email. Thank you to the other bloggers who BlogRoll us.

For those that used to visit and do not return regularly to read the nonsense we write, please come back! All is forgiven!

— i3j3Cricket Contributors

9 responses to “i3j3Cricket is One year old!

  1. Congratulations guys! We can appreciate how much effort goes into updating this blog on a regular basis and laud you for doing that inspite of your busy schedules.


  2. Congratulations guys!!!!Here’s to plenty more years of reading pleasure!

  3. Mohan and co, in celebration of the one year coompletion, why don’t we all buy some miniskirts and pom poms to our favorite indophile so he can join the 20/20 cheerleaders squad and cheer the world’s greated and nicest cricket team?


  4. Congrats guys, guys go out and celebrate for one year completion of this site.

  5. Congrats guys.. Great work.. I’m sure It will soon become second most read cricket website after Cricinfo.

  6. Thanks a lot for your kind, encouraging comments. Happy reading.

    And Prabhu, thanks for the link! Was good for a laugh!

  7. Mohan should organise an anniversary dinner to celebrate the event in Melbourne for those who can make it on a convenient date, preferably with some Indian players when they are here for an ODI !!!!

  8. Congrats. Thanks for the excellent work.

  9. Perhaps it would be apposite to have a cricket match to celebrate.

    Mohan, team kit irukku en-kitte. Oru match potturalaama?

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