Daily Archives: 4 February 2008

Muralitharan has egg on his face…

The Sri Lankan spin king, Muttiah Muralitharan, a player who has a history of hostile receptions in Australia was pelted with an egg while he was on his way back to the team hotel in Hobart. Muralitharan himself said he expected such a greeting from the hostile Australian cricket fans.

The incident happened on Saturday. The sad aspect of this was that Muralitharan said that he expected this to happen in Australia! Hopefully, this has also not been categorised as part of the “hard but fair” Australian sporting fabric! But sadly, the spin-wizard said, “When you come to Australia, you expect such incidents.” Should you?

Being jeered and booed is one thing; something that Muarlitharan and his off-spin counterpart, Harbhajan Singh are condemned to for life now! But having egg thrown at you is also something that visiting players should now come to expect?

This was, one hopes, a one-off act by a hoon out there.

— Mohan