Muralitharan has egg on his face…

The Sri Lankan spin king, Muttiah Muralitharan, a player who has a history of hostile receptions in Australia was pelted with an egg while he was on his way back to the team hotel in Hobart. Muralitharan himself said he expected such a greeting from the hostile Australian cricket fans.

The incident happened on Saturday. The sad aspect of this was that Muralitharan said that he expected this to happen in Australia! Hopefully, this has also not been categorised as part of the “hard but fair” Australian sporting fabric! But sadly, the spin-wizard said, “When you come to Australia, you expect such incidents.” Should you?

Being jeered and booed is one thing; something that Muarlitharan and his off-spin counterpart, Harbhajan Singh are condemned to for life now! But having egg thrown at you is also something that visiting players should now come to expect?

This was, one hopes, a one-off act by a hoon out there.

— Mohan

6 responses to “Muralitharan has egg on his face…

  1. What a welcome for Murali – Not sure of what he has done to deserve such a welcome.

    Sorry to go off another topic –

    When Dhoni was asked why he selected Manoj Tiwari who came the night before from India, Dhoni told the reporters ” I go by instinct”. What a Useless answer and his arrogance shows … Yes, Dhoni won T20 for India,

    When I (yours faithfully) go to Las Vegas, I make choices on wheel of fortune by instinct.

  2. “When you come to Australia, you expect such incidents.”

    It’s a first as far as I know. We usually reserve egg-throwing for people like George W Bush. As for unruly & hostile crowds, try the West Indies. Bottles are their missile of choice.

  3. This guy Dhoni sometimes defies logic.

    BCCI pays so much to the team and there are billion people glued to the TV Set to see the T20 match in MCG in great anticipation and Dhoni without any second thought announces before the game that
    ” we are going to treat this as a practice match”

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  5. I really hope that was a one off and not a reflection of cricket fans in Australia (being one I don’t think it is), Murali has always presented as a likeable guy and no matter what you think of his action he is the best spin bowler of the modern era. Yes, better than Warney, Murali doesn’t have Glenn McGrath drying up runs at the other end or a keeper of the caliber of Healy or Gillie (look at the stumpings as percantage of total dismissals) behind the stumps- Murali also bowls at the top end more than Warne did so (it pains me to say it) Murali is better…….

  6. Unfortunately there are a number of fans in this country who could do with a refresher course in respect and good manners.

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